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Everything goes boom, including her mother…aw I made myself feel sad =(.


Explosions! Fiendi! Flashbacks! Drama!


Awww… right in the feels. That’s gonna leave a mark. T-T

I’m trying to work out how this bit of news fits with Kleya’s memory of her mom telling her to stop. Were they in the same location at that point, but then Kleya left? And then the hospital got destroyed? Was that memory of a VR message from Mom? I can’t help feeling that whatever Kleya’s objective was, killing her mom wasn’t part of it. But I still don’t know what set off her rampage in the first place. I hope it wasn’t just enjoying things going boom, and figuring out how to make that happen in the real world… Read more »

Stop it! You’re making us not like your main character!


This isn’t new information. The accusation needed to be fleshed out and its resolution will take a while.


I’m willing to bet that what Kleya did is not at all what she planned on doing. If I had to guess, her father is that Sasuke guy and he did something that resulted in Kleya’s initial objective to be radically altered without her consent.


So Kleya is a cyborg. That explains the high tech sync suit and why she doesn’t want to go to a city EVER. That kind of thing kind of stands out. I’m guessing cyborgs are not received very friendly like in this day and age – especially not an infamously presumed dead one. No wonder the dude is so afraid of her.


Who is the person in the second half of the flashback? They keep saying “she” killed her own mother, so I’m guessing it isn’t Kleya.


I read it as Kleya. We know that she feels guilty of something with her mother and that she is a “cyborg”.

Hm… We also know that Kleya hacked the weapons on cyborgs during one of the big fights. I think she took over more than just weapons. Here’s the scene I was thinking of, where Kleya’s mom tries to get her to stop: http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-170/ Most of the rest of what we know about the incident is covered in the next several pages after that, in a conversation between Bandit and The Dude. The Dude calls her a cyborg, but I wonder how true that is? In particular, did she ever have body armor like what’s shown on this page? Or just… Read more »

Boom! Like happy festival fireworks, ya!?


I wonder if the cyborg got (can be?) hacked.