Oh Danny ? I can relate so much T_T

I think she just grew into being my new favourite character of this comic.

Had the same problem (not with dancing but drawing) – started to hate other people and begun acting like an a*se.

Well, the moment I became this flaming, not-so-nice-anymore a*se, people suddenly liked or even looked up to me.

Strange world we live in… :/


Same here but with singing. Although instead of being an a**, I just tried to ignore everyone which kinda backfired since I probably have more friends because of how I acted.


D**n, too close to home.

Whitout the dancing.


Not to be a buz-kill, but Dani looks like an old lady in panel 1. Too much detail.


I think it might be the proportions that are off.
drawing a child’s face
I think the second panel looks awesome, BTW.


Some people are just born looking old?


yeah… i know that feeling.


Danni reality (memory) page! Yay!


I can maybe understand why kids didn’t like Danni. She seems like she was probably mature for her age. That doesn’t really help you fit in.


There eventually comes that weird border age range where people would still shun you for being too mature and taking things too seriously at times, while mostly having the same reaction anyway for being childish.

Too rich or talented, and they hate you out of jealousy, while too poor or untalented and they just laugh at you. Gotta love humans.


And the too mature at times yet too childish at others is why even among my best friends I am a misfit. My boyfriend and best friend are the only ones who really get me. I will never be the popular kid, so I take my pride in being different.


Being introverted sure doesn’t help making friends.

Maybe a little comment on the drawing (just trying to help here). I think the thumbs in panel 3 schould be a little longer, to make it look more natural.

And so nice to see a flash back that doesn’t involve Kleya. 😀


Oh. She look soo like an really really old lady on all these panels…


Oh Danni…been there most of my life…bullied since kindergarten T_T


Heh. Reminds me of my childhood. I always played alone. ;u;


Whheeeeeee. Welcome to society, chaps.


“I liked me”
Uh, so she was one of those chicks on Facebook that like their own status.
That or she is Caboose from Red Vs Blue.


You either change to suit others, or you decide you don’t care whether or not other people like you. I ended up choosing the latter.
Of course, nobody ever thought to tell me that ‘be yourself’ doesn’t preclude the possibility of learning social skills. For some reason adults tend to forget that kids need to be told that.


Yeah, that is quite an important point…

And “being yourself” doesn’t preclude you from improving as a person, or it being a good thing to change who you conceptualize yourself as (especially if those concepts don’t actually serve you) — actually, it often involves doing this more as one becomes more honest. i.e. “Being yourself” is not equivalent to accepting every single facet of who you are now; it’s more a matter of confronting what you actually think about all those facets — and changing/improving/shifting — or not — based on that. It also involves considering how you really want to relate to others, which generally actually… Read more »
Stomme poes
first panel made me think of this: When I was a kid, my dad had a Disney animators’ book. It was huge. I never read the whole thing. But something I did read, from the early days: the animators wanted to draw a soft-looking bunny. They looked at real bunnies (who look pretty soft), but discovered when they tried to draw soft bunnies, they didn’t look soft at all. They looked rough. The more fur hairs they added, the rougher the bunny seemed. Eventually they realised that unless you’re painting with oil or somehow are able to *truly* draw photographically… Read more »