Hope it’s not pointed out already, there is a typo in the description: “closest to privacy”
Love your story.


hi! been reading for a short while now. i Love your work, and would love to see it continue! i cant seem to wait for the next updates! xD

Kessy Athena

Hmmmmm… enter at your own risk, huh? I’ve always been under the impression that actually means, “Teenager hang out / make out spot / place to get drunk, stoned, whatever.” Perhaps the End has made people a tad more cautious?


Probably L.i.F.e doesn’t provide much support for any of those activities, even assuming teens don’t have enough credible threats in Reality already.


Hah. Considering that her idea of the safest she can get is the place basically marked “danger zone”…
It’s not in any way funny actually, I guess.


Is…is Dani paralyzed in the real world? That is really, super depressing if it is….

I… always find it weird when someone says, after finding out that a character is only able to live is due to powerful magic and/or miraculous technology, ‘that’s really depressing’. I look at it and get the opposite reaction. ‘Wow, it sure is a good thing that this exists in this setting! Otherwise they’d be out of luck.’ I only find it depressing when there’s absolutely no recourse for them! Which is true in real life in many cases (though never as many as before, because the technology keeps getting more advanced). So long as Danni can play the game,… Read more »

Does Dani not understand that if she brings in her Fans she can have herself and her family either raised in the cities rankings of importance or transferred somewhere where she can get either expert medical treatment or simply upgraded to sponsored gamer without all this worry about being cut off?


I won’t pretend to know Danni’s past, but if it were that simple, she would have done so (or worse, tried to do so) already.

Alternatively, she didn’t think she has any fans left, and she’s still processing the whole “not counting the seconds to them pulling her plug” idea. We’ll see which one? 🙂