‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 182


"Behold, the University..." (said in a spooky voice)


Random personal note: First time I ever played a game that had a night scene was KQ4. It totally freaked me out! And I hadn't even found the ghosts yet! 😯

For the vote incentive, Kleya gets to exert some control over the scene...


At the university, it’s time to learn… TO FEAR THE DARKNESS!!! MUAHAHAAHAH! *evil mad doctor voice and psychopath laugh*


She just stepped into it, and already things look grim for Kleya. Good luck…


Happy mistakes are the better mistakes.


Glitched up world graphics? Kinda reminds me of the .hack// games. Which were awesome… Think I’m gonna go dig those out of the closet now…


.hack, makes me think of GTA 1, hit the right area on the cliff and your boats then falling from the sky on to the city streets. And all the building clipping issues.


I don’t know what’s scarier: a dark, condemned library with a sign out front that says “enter at your own risk”, or graphics bugs. Meshing them together is the perfect storm of scary.

Dream kitten

Dani said that she would probably be kicked out of the game if she looses. Gasp, don’t tell she came here to destroy her avatar!

P.S. http://neraboo.deviantart.com/#/d5aohbo Hope you like it!


Great Job..

Andore Mordre

I wonder, are the “Alerts” meant to keep people away from the whole place, or warning signs for particularly unstable areas…?

KQ4, eh? I think that was one of my first games with a night scene too. Before that was Super Mario Bros. and Quest for Glory, and possibly Betrayal at Krondor (the latter two ran on a day/night cycle, so not sure if those count).


I think the alerts are from Kleya’s hacker vision.


i think i know y Danni decided to go there. She is depressed, witnessing ur dreams evaporate can not be easy for anyone.


And she got so close, just one shy, and has the knowledge she can’t try again. Is worse than just realizing your dream is unreachable.

The Merry Lurker

I love love love the way the graphics are bugging. Any gamer knows how glitchy graphics can be an eerie foreshadower for a myriad of avatar-endangering breakdowns. It’s like driving a car that smokes like a chimney when you start it up….. except the hood is fused shut.

Luckily, Kleya can get under the hood– which could save her avatar’s life. But Danni? She better watch her back! Let’s hope Kleya gets to her quickly.


Huh. I didn’t know you played KQ. And I have to admit, the fourth game was a lot freakier than any except for the last two, assuming you think Mask of Eternity doesn’t count as one.

Also, I can see why Kieya thinks so little of this place. Most of the remaining artists and level builders in the world are probably working on LiFE, so something being a year in construction yet not finished is kind of shocking.


Hi, I finally caught up on your comic with this strip after reading for two weeks. I noticed maybe 80 strips ago you stopped posting the old incentives in the Extras section and I really miss reading them. Will you be putting them up again at some point in the near future?

Love the comic. It’s one of the only “mostly serious from the beginning” comics ever to hold my interest.


Yes Kleya…. use your programming skills to finish the university!

That is a good thing…


There are limits to even Kleya’s skill, she might be able to create a hotfix to get the graphics that are there to load properly -if- she’s willing to hack to do it, but it’d be sloppy and obvious.

And any graphics she’d have to supply herself…well, Kleya may be many things, but a skilled artist is not one of them.