Does anyone else facepalm every time the Dude says “dude”?


Haha! Exactly

Au contraire! People can feel conflicting emotions simultaneously. Pretty clearly Bandit *does* still like her, even at the same time that he’s repulsed by her past actions. “We *all* rely on computers now” is an interesting statement. Best guess: apart from L.i.F.e. and the Game, computers are being used to run life support in the Cities, and maybe even in some Outsider settlements. Another guess: Kleya’s goal at the time was to take over or destroy the computer network, not specifically to kill everyone, but at the time she didn’t care how much collateral damage her actions were causing. That… Read more »

It’s also easy to brand revolutionists as terrorists, if they fail to topple the tyranny (or whatever oligargy they feel they’re opposing) that rules the world. My guess is that TENka got more powerful exactly because of what Kleya (and possible minions) did.

Morden Grey

What? That’s it? Never really read a graphic novel. Kind of like the faster paced stuff. And pictures. I laughed almost the whole time she was in bobble head mode.

Great stuff. Solid story. It’s kind of like the Matrix and Hunger Games had a kid. Looking forward to what’s next.


Hey, graphic novels are really great. Thought you might like some recommendations. These are some of my favourites:
*(absolutely awesome)

*(adorable art, mecha vigilante story)

* (wild west, magical protector)

* (anthropomorphic, survival)

* (cheeky little thief and her attack zombie, magic)

All but the Meek are currently updating regularly


I’d recommend mine because I’m vain like that:

Morden Grey

I was implying your work moves at a faster pace than what I normally read. I read it straight through. Her specials…heh. She should have one named Sparkleshine. Don’t know why I laugh at that word combo. Anyhow…


So they think Kleya killed her mother on purpose… yet it’s obvious she didn’t mean to, due to all that mental trauma we see her with.

Get your facts straight, Bandit!

It’s probably when she disappeared, too. Who disappears right after killing someone like that? Someone who was traumatized by killing them. Look at Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent, for instance – he became a recluse partly because he was having a hard time living with himself after he killed his friend, regardless of what his friend became. Or at least, that’s what I assumed from the opening scenario of the latest movie… Let alone this probably being not that different from earlier Two-Face scenarios… Again, I highly suspect that she will be revealed as having vanished just as she seemed… Read more »
Aww man, he’s a love interest after all? I was so sure he wasn’t. They totally don’t get along at all. How old is Bandit anyway. I thought he was an employee of the company when he first met Kleya. Also, who the h*** cares what game Kleya is up to? If he really is as bad as they are saying, just capture her. What good will knowing her plan be? It’s so obvious that he’s just trying to cover up the fact that he doesn’t want to capture her. I don’t think I would be wanting to go along… Read more »
The Merry Lurker

Yeah… when pursuing a girlfriend, the matricide might be a bit of a deal-breaker. <_<


Brandon, yea, that name fits him.

Also, hacking for personal profit or to prove some idealistic point I can understand, but why would anyone try to kill everyone? (unless he/she is really mental).
There must be something more…

(a webcomic with an actual complex plot! yay!)

It seems there have been some misinformation campaign and a whole lot of messy stuff to deal with. I doubt kleya killed her mother on porpouse. She probably was collateral. Kleya probably didn’t see the consequences of her actions, thus didn’t expect the dead of whoever died. We can also safely assume that Kleya likes challenge, thus motivating whatever it was she did. Kind of like a kid with a new toy — except it was people who she was toying with (maybe indirectly). I could also safely assume whatever she did may have been LESS than what people believe,… Read more »

+1 😀


Speaking from personal experience, the heart rarely listens to logic.


Or sense, in this case.



I really like this web comic, I just wish we knew a bit more about the “real world” and about kat… And please, if there ever is a season 2, don’t change the main charactor, then I lose interest… Is that sort of like brand loyalty?


He’s ambivalent about her.

I’m thinking that maybe Kleya DID kill her mother on purpose, but she really didn’t mean to do it. My theory is that Kleya’s mother tried to stop her, make her quit all the dangerous hacker/terrorist stuff she was up to, and Kleya was just in so deep and so angry that she killed her mother, and now she feels horrible about it and wants to change. It’s a reasonable theory, but my theories are usually wrong so don’t listen to me. Also, I knew Bandit was a love interest from the second he showed up. Everything about his behavior… Read more »
Hm. “I could never like someone who killed her *own* mother.” Interesting emphasis there, if it’s not just random text styling. It implies that the next sentence might be something like, “Not to mention *mine*.” And apparently Dr. Grace’s son was killed by either Kleya or her “virus.” And the president is in some kind of safety zone… I wonder if he was damaged, physically or mentally? Both Bandit and Dr. G seemed to assume he’d immediately want to kill “her.” I also note that Brandon has a name (other than his game character identity, “The Dude”), but we haven’t… Read more »

It’s stated that the virus, and not just Kieya, attacked Dr. Grace’s son in the dialogue in strips 156-157. It’s never stated that it killed him, but it’s pretty clear that it did something bad to him, and that he’s dead, so most likely it was responsible for his death.


u know what i think? i think Kleya was part of a group of freedom fighters fighting for the unfairness that is associated with their world and with her crusade she wound up killing her mom bcuz of her actions, maybe the govt did it to retaliate and it was only kleya’s fault by association not necessarily her actual fault.


“we all rely on computers now” …… am I the only one suddenly reminded of battle-network here?



Are we going to have any people of different ethnic groups in this comic? It’s somewhat depressing seeing that the comic is in the future yet we are yet to see a main character who wouldn’t be caucasian.


In truth we din’t even really see any character by now, all we have seen has their in L.I.F.E. and in Tha Game avatars.

Not sure if is intended, but weird as can sound it happens a lot in MMOs.

Could be also a distraction, once happened to me to make a cenario for RPG and after one of the players pointed “Hey why there’s almost only men in that?”
Sometimes while making stories is easier than should to forgot to put an equilibrium of that on the characters.


Due to the cost of outfits in more colors than just black and white, it’s quite possible that colorful skin takes more money than most people can afford. Then again, it’s entirely possible that there’s only one skin color at all, as we have yet to see anyone outside of the Game (where one’s appearance is pretty much completely up to them) with any variation in skin color at all.


I’m thinking that she was involved in making the virus, and the virus killed her mother.


Hey, was someone complaining about not having anything for Wild Mass Guessing earlier?