‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 330


The random guy talking in the first panel is Joel, one of my Kickstarter participants. Thanks so much Joel!

While there are quite a few people who were a part of the original TENka company, the term 'Original' usually applies to TENka's original programmers (or rather, those who happened to work/interact with Kleya).


Thanks to all who participated in the Figurine Poll over the weekend. These were the results:

Kat Figurine Poll

Like I thought, the price was too high. To drop the price means to lower the quality and I don't really want a sem-cool figurine. So, looks like I'll put this idea on the shelf for now and dream about it for later.

Several people mentioned turning the sketch into a poster or a T-shirt instead. That's a possibility. I could even do a limited edition in time for NAV's 4th birthday next month or something. But again, I have no idea if there's enough interest. Hence, another poll!

Thanks for participating!