‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 330


The random guy talking in the first panel is Joel, one of my Kickstarter participants. Thanks so much Joel!

While there are quite a few people who were a part of the original TENka company, the term 'Original' usually applies to TENka's original programmers (or rather, those who happened to work/interact with Kleya).


Thanks to all who participated in the Figurine Poll over the weekend. These were the results:

Kat Figurine Poll

Like I thought, the price was too high. To drop the price means to lower the quality and I don't really want a sem-cool figurine. So, looks like I'll put this idea on the shelf for now and dream about it for later.

Several people mentioned turning the sketch into a poster or a T-shirt instead. That's a possibility. I could even do a limited edition in time for NAV's 4th birthday next month or something. But again, I have no idea if there's enough interest. Hence, another poll!

Thanks for participating!





Wow, you outdid yourself on this one. Look at it again later, there is tons of cool details to love about this. The staging, detailed backgrounds, difficult angles, hand gestures….

Yep, this page is real nice. (Now, commence rabid speculation on the plot hints)

:O I just had a realisation. Not going to go back to the relevant pages, since I don’t know how far back I could go without risking giving any sort of spoilers, but going back to when they group had just completed the tutorial for The Game; At the time, I thought Bandit was going through the Demoli path, Kleya’s favoured path, as some sort of way to mess with her, but now I’m realising that he may well have thought it would make her happy, that it would get her what she would want, or earn her approval, since… Read more »

There are so many good print on demand shops for posters and t-shirts, why would you need to limit to a special edition (or restrict the design of the T-shirt)? I recommend looking at RedBubble.


I was wondering, this concept’s too good to pass up. Do you think I could use it, the setting I mean, In a work of my own. (It couldn’t be a comic, cus my drawing sucks almost as bad as kats… not quite as much, but close when it comes to drawing constantly or in panels.) But like a spin off, in story form, mabey a radio play…?


As long as you don’t use any of the characters in NAV, there is no need to ask for permission Norbu. “Setting” isn’t something you can copyright. (If it was, there would be a whole lot fewer zombie stories)

If you actually want your stories to either feature her main characters, or even just interact with them ….. Then you totally need to ask for permission. And I wouldn’t recommend Aneeka give that permission without talking to a lawyer. Otherwise she could open herself to a lot of copyright issues.


actually you totally can copyright a setting
zombie stories are maybe too general for that but a detailed alternate world setting can absolutely be copyrighted if the author wants


A break huh? I don’t think hes going to listen as much as she hopes. 🙂
Id be down for a t-shirt and possibly a poster too. Both sound pretty good, and I would def get a purchase on that poster.


I just had a thought. That smirking Kleya in the “Aneeka Channel” tab? That’s the quality you should aim for in the figure. Just shy of realistic while still being a 3D model(I think).


Maybe he did it cause he likes it and because it would get him the highest ratings. And maybe his choice of paths is what they think triggered the virus?

Couldn’t have been that – Jake mentioned problems in Tenka City that forced him to log on late. And he wasn’t spending a 24 hr shift playing the Game either, this emergency has been ongoing for at least a day. Which brings up the interesting point…. D may have nothing to do with the power out. Or the virus trying to shut down everything. This ongoing fight with “The Virus” may be why they are hunting Kleya so frantically. Before I thought that the conspiracy may be to take over the world with The Virus. Kleya apparently thinks so too.… Read more »

The Viris was caused by Kat’s outberst, duh…


So “turning it off and on again” does let teh virus pop up? Just about the kind of irony we woud lexpect from Kleya.

Things are markedly worse than before the Game session– Jake wouldn’t have been able to stay in the Game during this kind of trouble. And everyone seems to be acting as though this is an unusual circumstance– usually they can power off and on to reset a problem without triggering the Virus, or that wouldn’t be a standard procedure that Kimi now has to overrule. If TENka just wanted Kleya to save them from the Virus, Jake wouldn’t be lying about recognizing her. Dr. Grace may be hoping to get Kleya’s help somehow, since he’s avoided telling the President that… Read more »
D doesn’t have to literally /be/ the Virus to be connected to it. Reminder that unlike people, programs are not entirely separate entities that do not overlap in any way. D might very well have a certain degree of control over Virus, but at the same time not have anything to do with its creation/activity at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that he has a “turn on” trigger command but has no way to turn it back off… though I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a way to turn it back off too. I WOULD… Read more »

Very good note on the relation between D and the Virus, Liliet. A backdoor in D is extremely unlikely.

Kessy Athena
You really are too hard on yourself when it comes to art, Aneeka. I really like the body language and interaction between Kimi and Jake, especially in panels 3 and 4. It feels very natural to me. Nobody’s art is perfect. We’re all our harshest critics. If da Vinci were here today he’d probably tell us that we’re all nuts to be making such a big deal over his Last Supper. I suspect he’d say that it looks terrible and we should just paint over it. Seriously, he was experimenting with different materials when he painted that, and let’s just… Read more »