Looks like The Dude needs to find a kindergarten to fend off those fiendi =). Also, what’s Bandit’s long term plan here? It doesn’t seem like he has a lot of options….maybe something will happen because he cut that rope?


Look at The Dudes Hands, he has the card of the boy. Chances are he won’t end up beaten but still has some way of winning this.


Bandit’s long term plan first involves Going up, and grabbing the goodies. then heading down/


makes me wonder how exactly is the kid and Bandit going to get down?

Orange Blossom's Violist
Orange Blossom's Violist

He’s probably going to jump down, land on a Fiendi, beat each one of them, then catch the kid.

Then, there’s going to be explosions in the background, or something.


I like the expresions in the second and third panels. You’ve gotten much subtler about how to convay your char’s emotions and thoughts. Bravo.


…Actually, they all look like insects from up there; like bedbugs, and its kinda creepy.


I could watch the Dude being chased by fiendi while screaming like a 7 year old girl for awhile. Perhaps its on purpose? I mean it -is- entertaining.