Dude’s always looking on the bright side.

Karma Squirrel

I think this is the third or fourth time I’ve found your comic, and I’m just as excited and drawn in as I was the first time. Of course, usually I get interrupted because I’m supposed to be doing something else when I find it, and then I lose the page for a while…

*ahem* Anyway. I wanted to say thank you for this awesome story. If I have spare money anytime soon, I’m totally buying your books.

Owen Smith

I’m having huge problems getting the strip to display on IE8. The rest of the page is OK, I just can’t see the comic. This started a few weeks ago. I can’t use a different browser, I’m at work and IE8 is what we have to use.


Seems like Dude’s metaphor is getting in his way here….

Don’t worry, Danni, I’m sure Paddy can make you some new shoes. 😉


Your prolly right. He plans everything in advance. Its obvious his weakness is in changing to fit the circumstances. Instead of making a new strategy based on the card he has he is gone back to being made of fail. His strength is his weakness. He must plan in advance everything and anything unforeseen can make his lose his poise.


Wait, what part of the Dude’s playing this tutorial was planned? I could have sworn he panicked when the fiendi attacked, which was why he had to snatch the card away from the kid who wasn’t happy about being used as a weapon to defeat it. Taking the card wasn’t even his plan until he spotted it, which suggests that the Dude was depending more on his faulty memory of someone else’s solution to the puzzle. I wouldn’t be surprised if the card(s) he needed was in the part of the tutorial that was skipped.


She can feel it? Just how connected to their sensory input are these games?


I believe all players of the game. Need a full body Vr simulator. That was one way Sandra tried to get Kleya to move to the city. Im guessing the experience is immersive.


I know I’m late in saying this, but it’s pretty interesting how The Dude is such a big fan of chess. It doesn’t really fit his game character, but it makes me curious about how he usually fights, i.e. what his special is.


He might not even have a special and just see everything in advance, or maybe like rewind special, but honestly I have no idea either.


He only fights with his special from my understanding.


hmm if one card gets luck and 3 cards get seed what does no cards get? probably epicness

Kim Possible

What a beautiful forest.


(when I was on this page sometimes a “need to update java” box popped up (once in chrome and once in ie8. Be warned if that happens to any of you, it looked like a fraud to install a virus/trojan/adware, do not click, just close window. Get Java from not some misspelled May be a compromised ad triggering the request)

The page did open up in ie8 for me. The art is dark, by default windows has gamma of 2.2 while many macs have 1.8 so may be darker than intended on pc)