O.o what happened with their feet in Panel Nr4? You can do waaaay better :/

I still love it, how the dude hits the mobs with that kid <3


Cartoon! Even more simplified “caricature the past mode” of a comic! Give Aneeka some leeway!

(On the other hand, I feel like it’s too well colored and detailed to just be a caricature. You’re confusing the audience here, Aneeka! For shame!)


I wasn’t confused, it works fine for me clearly as a flashback. 🙂


But that’s how you are supposed to use small children and midgets in combat at least that’s how it works in my D&D campaign oh and burning down a tavern and then that the city is a perfectly acceptable way to pay ones bar tab


Well duh! I even managed to find a way to finagle our GM into giving us bonuses for using midgets in combat and children in combat… why wouldn’t you use them then???

And even going beyond that, I’m pretty sure using midgets as projectiles is pretty standard play.




This was my first reaction in real life when seeing this page. XD


Dude, you need to up your game!

Seriously, I love the fight scene. XD

Oh l–d, this isn’t going well for the alignment prospects of the group. That’s a very chaotic good bordering on chaotic neutral way of looking at things, Dude… …For those of you unfamiliar with it, D&D came up with a system of nine moral & ethical alignments based upon a simple grid of two pairs of opposites: Law vs. Order, and Good vs. Evil. From what we saw, the NAV universe uses a 6-alignment system, but since we don’t know yet what that means, I’ll just explain the 9 Alignments…since it’s actually a pretty good way of categorizing a person’s… Read more »

Lol. Look at the group

Danni: lawful good
Keyla: chaotic good
The dude: neutral
Bandit: lawful evil
Jane: chaotic evil


I felt Bandit was more chaotic neutral than lawful evil. Hes never really shown himself to be evil, anyway–self-serving, certainly. But his persona seems built more around a “devil may care” outlaw style than an evil one.

Good explanation on alignment system! But RPer beware: different GMs may interpret certain alignments differently. If you carefully read the official (or paraphrased from official) description given for each alignment (whether on wikipedia or elsewhere), you’ll quickly notice that the line between “evil” and “neutral” is quite blurry; both descriptions at times describe actions that, depending on your POV and the circumstances, might fall into either; for example: an example given for True Neutral was to describe a merchant of death selling weapons to both side, or a farmer only caring about own family/friends. However, if you read the description… Read more »
To be honest, in the case of “True Neutral” I prefer the description of either somebody who tries to keep balance between good and evil (helping the underdog on the situations) or somebody who does not side with anybody. I remember there being an example of a wizard that is dedicated to their research and care about only learning more (morality be d**ned, if they have to kidnap people they will), or somebody who lives in a neighborhood and doesn’t care what others do but might help the good guys because it leads to a better life for themselves (which… Read more »
I’ve never been a fan of the D&D alignment system, primarily because “evil” as an abstract doesn’t make much sense to me. “Lawful evil,” in particular, seems rather contrived. To me, the relevant question is, “how big is your in-group”? If you think of yourself only, most people would probably consider that to be evil. But what if you put the interests of your family above all others? Is that more or less “good” than putting the interests of your nation or species above your family? For that matter, why stop at species? What about all living things as an… Read more »
“Evil” as about as much an abstract for me as “Good” is..and for me, neither is that abstract. They’re not black/white 100% concrete, though there is black and there is white at each end of the spectrum; rather, they are a continuum of various shades of gray in between. By continuum, I mean, if you can imagine the worst possible suffering a human being can endure, then that opens up a continuum of things that are less painful and horrible to endure than the first scenario, and less painful even than the second, and less horrible than the third, and…all… Read more »

oh man this group, has to be a villains lol Kleya is not goin to like this one bit


I swear, the instant I saw it I immediately said “Dude, way to stay neutral.” without thinking on the entire context of that statement.


So he was running away, untill he found a weapon he was able to handle. I wonder what attributs he needed to use the kid as a club.


Being used as a club does tend to lower one’s appreciation to your wielder/rescuer.


Looks like the dude is out of the game


Ok, I get it, they’re all terrible people… but Kleya and Danni are trying, that counts for something, right?


How is Danni terrible?


She is self-righteous and selfish. Well, maybe more overly self assured she is right then self-righteous. She strikes me as being concerned with her own emotions and viewpoints, forgetting sometimes that other people have such as well.

Which only makes her about as bad as your average person. But still, that is not that good a thing.


That. Did not.


Completely off topic. I think Danni is the underdog of this story. She overcame enormous odds, and is in the game. On too of that, it looks like she had her movement slowed to goud Keyla into hacking. I think she’ll make it above the line from sheer empathy from the viewers.

Either it was turned off, or its hard for people who are physically disabled to move through the mist. In which case, she’ll get even more empathy votes as people realize her condition and how far she’s actually come


Or it could be that since this is her first time in the mists, she has no idea what she is doing. Everybody else has been in the mists and so they are comfortable in that environment.

And it doesn’t seem like those who watch the Game are very empathic. The only enjoyment from watching her would be to see a total n00b get pwned.


This is sadly true. People are selfish. That is not in itself a bad thing. But it means that we, people, do not always think of things from the perspective of someone else. Empathy is something that develops because we understand, to some degree, what is going on. One should not believe the general population, who have not ever even gotten to the loading screen of the game I am guessing, would give Danni the benefit of a doubt. They mostly see pro teams, not a true noob trying to figure things out as they go along.


So far Jane and Dude have done enough to get a lot of Watchers to look at them. That should help them with the popularity contest (Not that the Dude needed much help). So far the group seems to be heading in the Notorious direction which is going to make Kleya’s struggle to not be a villain that much harder. Now she has public opinion to deal with – and we all know how well she deals with the public and their opinions.

Jane, definitely. Sad commentary on humanity that she prolly got a big ratings spike. Dude…he is coming across slightly noobish. If he knew what he was doing, he wouldn’t have used a kid as a bludgeon. If his ratings are going up, its cause he is being laughed at. Don’t assume they are mostly gonna be Villains. We don’t know what the six alignments and what qualifies one to earn those alignments are. So Its possible Bandit is gonna be a hero, but a dark one. Jane is prolly gonna go villain, unless she was just being weird about accepting… Read more »

Have Dude’s eyes always been red, or did they just turn red with guilt?


They’ve been red at least as of .


They do seem to fit some dungeons and dragons alignment behaviour. Was that on purpose?


Ahh so he was about to wipe on the level 1 fiendi. Good thing his escort was there to beat it up for him, or rather be used to beat it up with!


I would weaponize the everloving crap out of kid NPCs because those dudes are invincible.