8 o’clock Central European time… NaV time! Nothing…? REFRESH! Ah there it is :).

Mr. Smug saves the day!(?) And has a slave trade hobby…?
Too bad Danny, you lost a chance to score some points there.


Whoa, bandid is going to play the evil dude? 😮 (lol, the evil dude.. krrrhrhrhr)


So 2 votes evil 2 votes good and it’s up to the dude to decide good or evil


We’re doomed.


Wow! 2 people on the team aren’t looking very heroic right now. This is looking a little bit like a villain team.

Beautiful work as always, Aneeka ^_^


it could be implied that the group is goin to be neutrally both good and evil


Only Jane and Bandit are looking villainish. we haven’t even seen Dude, Kleya was picking weeds last we saw and poor Danni is moving slightly faster in the mist than the speed of smell. So the rest of them we have no idea what they are gonna go for in alignment.


Oh, you tricky tricky author you. I wonder what kind of skills the kid has.


Now did he really ask for the kid in exchange or did we cut to one of the other group members in the last panel? (Which would have to be the Dude finally getting into motion or Kat, considering Danni hasn’t reached the island yet and we already know Jane’s ‘solution’.) With no real idea as to what kind of statement we just caught the end of.


It would be funny if the dude didn’t get any alignment and the group ended up somewhere in the middle. That would also make them more interesting because everyone will be watching to see what they do


I’m waiting for the dude to wipe on the level 1 fiendi.


It took me several reads to realize the second panel is the Bandit, not Danni. And that it means we actually will see more Danni.


He’s going to eat the kid!


yummy! young and tender long pork!


Well, I’ll be in the area, so I’ll come by and say hi.


So I’m guessing that when each one of them enter the island, it starts itself over so you have the same choices. Question: why did thebandit/ jane both go for the kid?


It’s probably his awesome hat


Point taken


Obviously the kid does/has something that makes having him useful.


C’mon is the kid worth money or somthing?


there in different game worlds. they are all in the same game but in different scenarios of the game. that’s why the NPC lady is still alive where bandit is. i believe there being “tested” to see what they would do as individuals. as if the game itself is “alive” & finding out what there true character is.


I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him… and pat him and pet him and… and rub him and caress him and…


Not be creepy at all?


Ok, color me confused. I thought Bandit would at least make an attempt at looking like a good guy… I’m just imagining the expression on Sandra’s face right now. “Great. I’ve got a cheat code expert, a crazy axe murderess, a slowpoke who can’t figure out how to navigate, a child slaver, and a lazy do-nothing. Just how am I supposed to sell advertising for this crew???” (Hint to Sandra– pitch them as a sitcom.)


Actually that would be a great group to sell. There would certainly be no dull minute with those characters piled upon each other.

As for how successful they would be in terms of solved quests… That’s a wholly different kettle of fish!

Horatio Von Becker

Yes. Yes it would. Be very fun, that is. My first thought was that Bandit is joking, though.


Doubtful. I really think the kid has some value we will learn later. Its how you approach getting him that gives you a jump to alignment in that part of the tutorial.
Assuming you do get him. I have doubts about Danni. She will likely do something random.


Whoa. Pedo alert


Annnnd once more I don’t like Bandit. Not so much for demanding the kid as payment, rather than demanding a payment at all.

Remember what Kleya whispered to Danni when the tutorial was about to start, of how helping the villagers got you some help back. Maybe the kid is the helper you can gain for the rest of the tutorial.


Or you can just con/steal him, but if you wanna be a good person you should help the villagers.


Bandit is definitely one of the most ambiguous characters in the comic, that’s for sure. He seems to teeter-totter between ‘oh, he’s not that bad’ and ‘complete douchebag’. He definitely seems to be in jerka** mode right now.

On reflection, about the only way I can think of Bandit’s actions being “good” is if the island is about to blow up anyway, and he can only take one person away. But he still comes off pretty badly in this scene. I know Aneeka is very good at character twists, so I’m waiting to see how this is really going to resolve… Bandit and Jane are both very well aware that “the world is watching,” so whatever they’re doing, it’s playing to the crowd, somehow. And Bandit, in particular, is playing a new character (as mentioned earlier by Dr.… Read more »