Bwahahaha! *insert ominous background here*
The Gaaaaame! YAY!
Hee, Kleya’s game, hm? Well, we all know she’ll ace it. Unless she pretends? *ponder*

I don’t think I’ve squee’d enough over how adorable Kat(v9?) looks with her ears. :3
They move! Emotiears are so cute. ^^

*also includes obligatory fangirl mauling for second book*


Dat final expression…… Kleya knows ALLLLLLLL the tricks of the trade. After all, she helped program the game before the Ending.

Also, First?(!)


Ha, should’ve guessed Kleya was one of the one behind the game. Or at least one of its best players.
Love the comic! Just found it the other day and sped right through it.
But shouldn’t that last dialogue box end in a question mark?

Vixen Caprice

Oh no! No questions here, the period seem entirely appropriate to me.


Mmmmm, I am on the fence. On one hand it is a statement. On the other even rhetorical questions are questions.


But–the clause starts with “why!”
I dunno, maybe you’re right, but I feel like the question mark would add just that much more additional smugness to the panel.
Well, it’s the author’s decision. I am but a gnat buzzing in futility in her ear.


Grammatically, yes, you’d be correct.

However, that’s a rule that’s often ignored for impact, so there’s a standing tradition of this exact format.

Hence, either is correct depending on desired impact.


I think this may be a trap by the up-till-now-hidden other faction. Just sayin’.


Holy. Didn’t realise that she helped make The Game. She should remember not to always get things right or Tenka might get suspicious.


No hope there. Her pride won’t let her do anything but her best XD


I don’t know… She surprised us all with the elimination rounds, if I remember correctly. I have some home for her here.


*–Squees & bounces with you!*


Her smile!
Oh g-d, her smile!!!!


Hmmm, hopefully they haven’t made any tweaks and changes and Kleya is not succumbing to hubris here.


I know that look on Kleya’s face in the last panel. It’s rare, but every so often, when I’m doing something that I understand completely and can achieve with just enough difficulty to make it worth it, I can feel that almost predatory smile come on. Flow state, I think it’s called.


Yeah! I knew it, I knew it! She developed the Game! This is sooo exciting!


Kleya looks adorable in panel 1. I love how you posed her. The head tilt, closed eyes and… hunched shoulders. Not sure if that is the right description. But she looks like she is scrunching up her body.

All very cute!

Also, evil grin time. Bwahahaa. Time for D to show back up. Forget the cutesy crap (didn’t you just say how much you liked…) NO! That’s absurd! (but…) SHUT UP ME!

Ahem. Time to forget the cutesy crap and show why Kleya isn’t some little nice gal tag along.

Drakanor Dream

Now that is an Evil, smug smirk.


One word:

Bada**. 😀


Could we PLEASE have the final panel of this page (smirk) as a background? I really love it.


Seconded this request.


Can I join into these requests? 😀


Ooohh, it’s so on now!

Techno Gray

What are the odds we’ll jump back into the Annie side-story next update?


Hi! I am a chronic lurker, sorry about that, but I just had to comment and let you know that the last two panels of today’s post made me want to jump around squealing. It was beautiful & perfect. 🙂 Thanks for the great read every Tuesday & Friday!


YAY!!! The game starts on my BIRTHDAY!!!


Happy Birthday! (in advance)


The question is, could they have changed the game? Would they even have had the time to change it?

Stig Hemmer

Do they have the *skills* to change it? It seems that in this brave new world, having computer skills is not a survival trait.


Hence why I asked if they could have changed it.

Ya know, something occurred to me just now. Way back on this page: (and the page prior to it, advertising “Stress Free Living”) we got to see a brand-new apartment, paid for by Sandra for Kat/Kleya to use. It’s only #1698. We know the Lilly family (Mina, etc.) have an apartment in the 300s…and the impression is that they’ve been active in L.i.F.e. for quite some time, possibly since shortly after the world jumped out of a flaming supervolcano, through military robot rifle fire, and into a crumbling handbasket. Then along comes Kleya, makes a friend in Mina and… Read more »

We are already in the 7+ Billion


I get the vague, unfounded feeling that there may be around one or two million left. 450,000 would be far too small to support the number of cities they seem to have, let alone run the game(unless it’s being maintained by robots, but after Dude’s reaction to robots… I think it’s unlikely.)

There’s also the possibility for there being more than one apartment “complex”


Oh man.

I want to see Kleya get the equivalent of like a 12/10 in the tutorial now.


Gah. They changed stuff. Instant Jinx.

No seriously, has no one noticed that things tend not to go well for her?


I worried that the programmers would have changed something, but they haven’t added Group mode to the Tutorial, so they probably haven’t made too many changes. As for Kleya being caught out by being too successful, she’ll be playing against her usual style, trying to be a Hero. The interesting question is whether that will also give her away as someone with insider knowledge.


That’s an interesting looking Kleya for the vote incentive? Is that how she is going to look like in the game?


what was kleya’s expression in panel 1?

Kansas Kid

Innocent and unassuming. Nieve. NICE!!!


no… it kind of looks like she’s in pain… probably just the stiffness of it, maybe?