So, that’s obviously not happening. Even if Kleya wanted to move to a City, she wouldn’t be allowed to.

Mary Shoup

Kleya is being sponsored by Sandra. Sandra is not a slave driver. She should *ask* this sort of thing. I would prefer the isolation. Seriously, you don’t get to just order someone’s life around like that.

not isolation, its a death struggle. thats why everybody wants to get in a city if they are outsiders. the world around them is falling apart in who knows what ways, there are little to no essentials depending on where you are, its so bleak they have to escape into a fantasy world just to cope. if Kleya could find a way around her own past, I imagine she would jump at the chance to get into a city. although her past seems to be planet shattering so that getting around it thing might be just slightly difficult. but hey,… Read more »
mister gray

Her actual body or her avatar?


im just guessing but i believe they mean her real body


Okay, that? That’s crossing the line. I’d say Kleya will try to cut all ties with Sandra, whether staying in the Game or not.


Because she’s offering her what other people would fight, maybe even kill for?


I mean she’s being kinda forceful, but she IS her sponsor and she’s offering her stuff that’s worth a LOT of money.

What the… but I LIKE the newbie look! We don’t need another Danni with her lame pants and sweater look with the dull brown tones. Plus, Kleya’s newbie hair looks nice. I bet Sandra is going to pink-ify and *shudders* shorten her hair so she will look like her ugly, ugly catgirl avatar! NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Why do you hate Kelya’s hair so much Sandra? 🙁 Plus, she wants to import Kleya? Why is that? Bloody Jane was never imported to the city despite being the number 2 member of a previous gaming group. Why can’t everyone just leave Kleya alone? Oh… Read more »
Call me Jack

I think it’s because Bloody Mary didn’t have a sponsor that she wasn’t imported


lol yeah. Danni is nice, but her fashion sense… 🙁


I foresee Kleya barely hanging onto her sponsorship by a thread throughout this entire ordeal, as she is gonna be clashing with Sandra at every turn. And why shouldn’t she? The people need a player in the game who isn’t all bright lights and glamour… aside from Jane, anyway. She plays a *different* outsider role…

Fear the Swans

If memory serves Kleya + city = execution. Unless Sandra has figured it out and plans to smuggle Kleya in.


I’m guessing she is actually talking about changing Kleya’s login server from some free server to one with better specs in her city.


Well, at least we’ll find out more about how Outsiders get into Cities…. “import”? Sounds like they need to pack Kleya’s actual body in a crate and ship it somewhere. 😉


By the looks of Kleya in the last panel, she is less than pleased about being imported to the City…


I don’t know. The ‘poor newbie’ look could work with the proper spin.


I for one would be curious what Kleya wants to look like, given the chance. Her Kat avatar is happy and nonthreatening, her default avatar is blonde.


I think people have more choice about hoe they look than what they wear. Different clothes seem to carry a fee, but Mina and her family all look unique, and I doubt they’d have spent income on that. Mina was pretty happy when she was able to afford a new shirt, even though it was plain white.


Oh crap, the s*** has hit the fan! If kleya doesnt go along with it, there goes her sponsor but if she goes, there goes her life….s*** lol


some more knowledge on Sandra would be nice. like if sees really working for a group like tenka or if she really would like them to lose power


“I’ts an extra charge”? Danni, are you sure Sandra wasn’t talking about HER keyboard problem?


yeah, first big problem for Kleya. how to avoid having to be imported to a city. I suspect some amount of disclosure will be needed to convince Sandra of the wisdom of not importing Kleya. cause that would be a lame way to die.
“I got forced into moving into a city where they realized who I am and lynched me. The End.”

I am curious how Kleya is gonna pull this off, cause Sandra seems awfully sharp to me. not the type to have the wool pulled over her eyes.


sandra did say how she was against the groups like TENka so maybe kleya can tell her a half truth and get out of moving to the city


HMM When Sandra says her city i wonder if she runs the city or if shes saying it in the way of the city she lives in?


That was my first thought, that Sandra owns/runs a city, hence all the money she seems to have. It would also explain why she wants a top player in The Game. She wants the advertising for her city having such a player and the benefits it could draw.


she could have that kind of pull, or just knows people who do. she is obviously of money, so she must run in the upper circles. but whether she is the top dog or just a prominent citizen of the city she lives in, that has yet to be disclosed. lets see which then we can really start to guess what Sandra’s game is.


That is very curious, the process asks one, is she taking the spot of someone else living in the city already, two, is it even remotely close to where she lives, three, is there any way for this to be done annoyiously, because otherwise I doubt she’d go along with it at all.


Also that begs the question, can she convince Sandra to import her manage and her family?


that will prolly have to come out of Kleya’s own pocket. doubt Sandra will see fit to allow someone of no use to her to just tag along. sides, when its Kleya its just one spot. not much room needed. a family needs alot more.


I really like panel 4. You did a really good job of making the room look as default-setup-ish as possible, and the curling text dialog works pretty well!


how is sandra in a outsider only area yet still in a city?


Good question! Has she got such power from her rank in her city?


simple. she is the one paying for it. money makes people say yes.


I would love to see this as an anime or something like that. This story seems so deep. Once one question is awnsered…three more pop up. Some things are predictable, but some major points arnt…one thing I don’t like though…when is keyla going to pay back the money she scammed?

Also, what if Sandra suspects who she is and is just trying to lure her into a trap?


I’m sure she’ll do so immediately, anyway she stood up for Minna, so it’s not like they’re mad with each other.


Import, not emigrate? Harsh…

Competent lady though!