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On to some Game details!
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For fun, let's see how the group's popularity fares in THIS Reality, eh? If you'd all be so kind to fill out this quick survey, I can then make up a graph to show where everyone's popularity is according to this Reality.

SURVEY CLOSED! See next update for result. Thanks for participating!


What does she mean this is an entirely new group? As in, this is the first time a non-TENka sponsored group has joined the game? Or, as in, this is the first time that non-TENka employees have joined as heroes? Although this is Mary’s second time playing and I don’t think she is part of TENka, so that can’t be it.

Mary Shoup

I think she means it’s the first time there’s a group made up of entirely new players (save for Jane, of course, but keeping up appearances here.) Everyone else was coming in and was added to an existing group or filling in a single open spot.


You nailed it. The Dude is exactly the type of person that has difficulty dealing with people who have different knowledge/experiences than him.

“I think X is obvious and easy, so should everyone, DUH”

The “But it’s easy.” comment is the cherry on top. Because that justifies everything! (duh)
Other examples: the way he thinks his opinion of Jane and ‘THE hacker’ (Kleya) is the only logical one.

He’s not a bad person at all, but his world is going to explode when he finds out things aren’t the way how he convinced himself they ‘should be’.

Fun times ahead of us.


Most people are like that. The best ones realize it and can laugh at themselves for their mistake. The worst ones cause massive damage when things don’t run in a way that confirms their bias.


Should Brandon have admitted that this isn’t his first Game character?

And Bloody Mary’s killing spree looks more and more suspicious… I wonder why Sandra & co want to start a Group at the beginning?


I believe the Game existed before The Ending so Brandon probably played it before The Ending and that is why he already knows how to play. Jake and Kleya probably know how to play as well. It would be interesting to know if Jane knew how to play before The Ending. It makes sense for Danni not knowing how to play since she actually had a real life outside of computers.


Besides, people are allowed to watch people in The Game then a good number of people probably get the gist of how The Game works.


Ahh, the dread of every Shooter Player and Hobby General: The Toutorial Level!


Why would she have to petition to start at the beginning?


Given how long it’s been since there has been a new group, most of the existing groups would have reached the same late stage in the campaign. Any new content would be made with that in mind. Putting this new group back at the start of the campaign would take them away from the other groups and rehash familiar parts of the story — neither of which is good when you factor in audience feedback and popularity. That said, I could see a niche audience wanting to see the old stuff again for nostalgia’s sake.


I mentioned this before, this community needs a forum. A spot where we can properly keep track of all theories and such.

And a place where we can share semi-related stuff like below, without losing it the next update.

I just wanted to share this REAL mecha: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beKkf8Oo0GU
For sale for 12.5 million yen (~126 000 USD)
Just add armor and guns, and you can go scare the crap out of Brandon 😀 (or pretty mucn anyone else).


Dude, I used to think a forum was the way, but I love the reveal by reveal thoughts right below the comic. Very little effort to see, and be, a part of the community aspect of it. Plus not tied to the past, painted in a corner, by the “he said, she said” sticklers. Perhaps you can create a fan made forum? After it exists, then ask about the site linking to it?


Well, we don’t need it yet. Not like we get this space flooded with replies most times. But I think Aneeka once said it would be considered when it was needed. Or you could make and moderate one for us to use for NAV *guileless smile*


There’s a wiki over at http://notavillain.wikia.com/ and it has a forum in it http://notavillain.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Forum. Not many people use it though.

Tim C

It’s sad, but I’m expecting Danni’s “I need popularity” mindset to bite her. If she looks desperate in front of the fans, she’ll get the axe, and I’m pretty sure that’s how she’s going to go.

Also, I find it interesting that the numbers on Sandra’s graph disagree with everyone telling Kleya she’ll “lose her fans” if she acts like a jerk to crowds.

I think that the solution for Danni is the same reason that Kleya is able to stay popular. Kleya’s specials bring something to the table that nobody else can figure out. If Kleya designs specials for Danni that fit her personality and interests, and you combine that with Paddy being a huge fan of hers, and thus trying to make her look as awesome as possible, it is believable that she would jump in popularity enough in two weeks. This is especially true if the group, as a whole, gains popularity, which is should with Bandit and Kleya (probably the… Read more »
Kleya does have a dip in popularity that probably coincides with her first outburst. Since then, her remaining and/or new fans seem to expect and even want to see more of her temper. The alignment tutorial will be interesting just because Jake will see Kleya trying hard to be a Hero…. But will everyone else on the team go with that? Do they all have to form a consensus, or vote, or could they be a mixed team? Do players ever switch teams? I could see Danni deciding she needs to become Kleya’s nemesis in order to gain enough popularity/notoriety… Read more »

I actually think Danni might decide just to enjoy the game, then she may accedently do things to make her popular, then she’ll stay that way

Yay, popularity poll. Ranks. -1. Kleya// 2. The Dude// 3. Danni// 4. Bloody Mary// 5. >..< Were the characters always in that order? -No. Want to explain who moved up/down and why? -Sure do! Plus, I'll also explain briefly why I like the characters I do since I'm a helpful person. 🙂 -Since The Dude was part of the evil organization, I didn't want to like him but his goofy personality has grown on me. I've moved from being slightly hostile to his presence to enjoying his antics. That said, I still don't trust him! -Kleya was always my favorite.… Read more »

I don’t have favourites. I think all the Characters have depth too them. The Dude was a little bland before it was revealed he was a Shanghai Survivor, but since that was revealed everyone is about equally interesting.
Of course Kleya is still the star and the one with the biggest mysteries.


Well that explains why Mary killed her team to get more popular, this is probably the only way she can make money, being out probably meant sure death for her and her family. Especially since she’s an outsider. While there are other ways, Mina and her family barely get by it seems.

Squire James

I think Danni’s best prospect is for the entire group to gain enough popularity that even being on the bottom of the group makes it over the line. I don’t know how common her position is, but a strategic leak that her life is on the line might garner some sympathy votes. She definitely has to take a gamble and adopt a more extreme persona to survive, though.


As a last resort, she could reveal who she was in real life


That could also have a “who gives a crap” effect and decrease her ‘popularity’ even more.


My next page hand hold senses are tingling.


Now I can’t stop thinking about wrestling. Who will be the heel and who will be the babyface?


Danny is the one with the most growth potential because she has a real world skill she is trying to adapt to the virtual world. This makes her an invaluable subject for innovating. It makes some sense that she would be the one to need a sudden change in growth in a certain way.

Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special

I’m pretty sure they’re going to end up being villains. That would be Danni’s best chance of becoming popular enough, and Kleya is going to oppose that fact until the last minute, until she finally gives up.

Then, she’ll feel guilty that she’s going to be labeled as a villain, but she later realizes that it is the most heroic thing that she could have done. That’ll add a whole ‘nother dimension to her being “not a villain”.