Hmmm, Bandit’s pants remind me of something from Dragon Ball Z, possibly something Goku wears… course, the fact that i’m colour-blind and they look reddish to me may affect that…. What colour are they, I cant accurately tell, could be anything from the red/green/brown spectrum. The Dude does look good though

Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special

It’s brown. Sort-of a wooden brown. Reminds me of a Copper-Mahogany blend.

I like The Dude’s outfit better, however.


Not sold on Bandit’s new look, but d***; Dude looks snazzy.


I like their outfits, seems to catch a little bit of their personalities. 😀

Aaaaaaand Kleya is having dark, unherolike thoughts. Not so easy to be a good person when people are being their worst it would seem.


Can’t help but notice that I don’t see a certain bandana around a certain somebody’s arm.


Nice avatars though… can’t wait to see Kats’ and Danni’s new looks.

Techno Gray

Um, yeah.
Is the lack of bandana on purpose or was it forgotten once again?


The Dude. What a champ. Class out the a**!

Love the art style! Keep up the great work!


Something tells me the Bandit is not that thrilled ’bout his new looks. I’ll need to get used to the new trousers (won’t those hinder his martial art-like moves?)
Dude’s ‘suit’ suits him perfectly :). Very dandy, love it.

In the vote incentive (and in the comic as well, though less so) Bandit’s right arm seems to be significantly more muscled… coincidence? (ha ha)

About the site: red font on black background is harder to read, might I suggest reverting to yellow? (title is only red on the front page, it is yellow with comments).

Phil B

“That word… I do no think it mean what you think it means”.


I think most of us have realized Kleya has a odd sense of right and wrong, and how these things work. She is absolutely brilliant, but not very in touch with reality. She very much thinks of things in story book or even cartoon morality. Its frightening when you stop to think of what we -know- she can do.

Squire James

Actually, I feel Kleya’s perception of “hero” is pretty close to the world’s perception. Why is Sasuke a hero? It seems to me “Popular + Generally Considered a Good Person = Hero”. And the second part may be optional.


Purple Pants…. I wonder if the Dude’s Special makes him Hulk out?


The bandit has MC Hammer pants.
Oh please let there be a dance sequence.
STOP Bandit Time!


“But some people have taken to calling me… The Dandy Man.”

I actually noticed the bandana at his waist without it being pointed out. xD
The Dude looks pimpin’. All he needs now is a cane. Does his special give him a cane and a hat? XD OMG *cracks up*

Is their team going to have any sort of theme? Or maybe that comes later.
(I recently reread the Wanted Child again. I crave the next book. Craaaave.)


“…special give him a cane and a hat?” argghhh mental image cracks me up! x-D


Wow! Aneeka, your art has improved so much!

I could have said this after seeing your Reality work, but those two avatars are particularly striking me for some reason. Had to comment.


I’m not typically one to comment, but the vast improvement in art called for it this time. It’s beautiful, most especially the banner. Somewhere along the way NaV became my favorite webcomic- I’m not sure when exactly that happened, as I read probably 15 different webcomics, but…*shrugs*. Thus, I am immensely impressed with the improvements. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to more.

Stomme poes

This. Is awesome. The new avatars go well with both your improved art skills and the setup where Sandra’s server renders better than Life.

I’m diggin Bandit’s pants. They give him full freedom of movement. The crotch isn’t really low enough for Hammertime dances but if you throw one in you know we’ll whoop like monkeys for more.

If a top hat, monocle, polo pony or sailing yacht make any appearance around the Dude (say, maybe a special called “The Roosevelt”) that would be hilarious.


i find it great that the friendship between Kleya and Danni is starting to form. They fit eachother’s personality becuz they are both loners if you think about it.


When you are a “hero” people expect you to listen to them, not the other way around. They are the sidequest givers, a hero is just the messenger/gofer/slave/whatever.
I’m guessing Kleya didn’t have much contact with the general masses before the fall? Want to know more! More world and character development please!

Erm, I think you have a very narrow definition of ‘hero’ there. Specifically, a very staple RPG-ish narrow kind of take on it. A hero, in the most general sense I can think of, is someone seen as a champion of some (virtuous) ideal, usually one who fights for or otherwise faces hardship or sacrifice for the sake of that ideal. One guy’s hero is another’s villain, simply because ideals and perceptions of virtue differ radically. If the ideal is something as silly as someone not having to walk to the store to buy cat food, saving them time in… Read more »

Generally, heroism has to do with performing a feat of some import, which might be be very difficult, or otherwise impossible without the hero’s saving the position.

In otherwords, the odds are often stacked against those being saved.


And, the matter is critical to an important, valuable thing.


AHHH!! No, you can’t be going to CONduit the ONE year i can’t make it!! Your going to be ten minutes away from me!! TTATT


First thought: “Aaahhh Dragon Ball Z!! :D”

Well, you’re (gradually but clearly) showing more and more impressive art skills with each update, Aneeka. Also, I like the new site interface, although apparently it likes to navigate me around the comic while I’m typing my comment, which of course destroys it in the process (something with Ctrl+Shift+direction key combos acting overzealous). And of course, the story keeps me reading. Keep up the good work 🙂