‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 233


Dude's still a bit surprised. Either that or he's miffed no one seemed worried about him.


Aaaand I've been having too much fun drawing Jane of late and ended up making some wallpapers of her.

EDIT:Get them here!

And there is a version of one of the wallpapers up as a voting incentive! It doesn't have the easter eggs and it's just one size, but hey, it's free!

Thanks so much for reading!

Guest D

I love how Jane’s doll is hanging onto her hair in panel 3 there! XD It’s so cute~!

Anyway, I love reading this! The way the characters interact with each other, the plot, artwork, and everything else in between make this all interesting. 😀 Looking forward to how this plays out! ^^


Those Jane wallpapers look rediculously cool! The minute I get my laptop working again, I’m going to use one! 😀

On another note, I think Danni and the Dude would make a cute couple ^_^


I know, right? They would be perfect together.


I don’t see it.


First shippers! Whoo!


My thoughts exactly!
Ah, how quick us comic fans jump to conclusions when romance is involved! 😛


Interesting argument Bandit uses with Jane. I wonder how well they know each other?

Danni being nice to the Dude… Well, I don’t think he deserves much pity, but it’s a positive gesture on her part.

I think Bandit was pointing out that her emotions could be better spent on helping her and her own rather than teaching Dude a lesson where nobody can see them. save up that aggression for later when it will raise rating ^^ I think Danni understands Dude is part of why. also, that kindness is the reason she and Kleya became friends. so she is a good person despite her hubris(such self-righteousness doesn’t come from nowhere). I suspect we are all guilty of that when we are young. although its troubling since she might freak out when she finds things… Read more »
Tim C

I think this is the first time Danni we’ve seen Danni show any sympathy for anyone else… possibly because she’s longer in immediate danger of being euthanized.


she helped out Kleya, was kind in her own way. but she is definitely well matched with Kleya. there is definitely an arrogance in Danni that says she is right. one I think is somewhat dimmed in Kleya because of what happened in the past. they are going to be such good friends ^^


You know, I wonder if the two dolls Jane caries around with her avatar represent her kids…




The Bandit likes some crazy in his coffee…


i kinda respect Jane now that i think about it…It is really unfair for outsiders

its a post-apocalyptic world. people are going to be far more self centered cause of it. those that have the resources will survive. and if you think people will be willing to share if it means they either will markedly have less or have less chance at survival…then give up the idea. those kinds of people would have been the first to die in most cases. sad, but its how people are. and you can’t blame them for it. that is why people want in cities. once your in you can share in the wealth. but with limited resources its… Read more »

i see your point, but you really cant blame Jane for being resentful when you’re on the outside looking in. So how do you seek revenge, being as bitter as u can and winning when you can.

But alas, its in a virtual world not like its goin to help you lol


…I suddenly really want a wallpaper from when Jane was shown with what The Dude thought her daughters looked like.
That was awesome.

*slips back into silent stalker mode*


Wow, those first and last panels turned out really good! You’re right, a little perspective does do wonders. Keep it up! =)


I really like the perspective on Danni’s hand and arm in that last panel. Not every artist gets it right, but I feel like you’ve nailed it.


I appreciate Bandit’s attitude towards intra-group conflicts: hold them until you’re in front of the camera and can entertain viewers.


How nice of her to check on the cameraman like that in the last panel.


My prediction: Jane is, dare I say, not a villain. Because we do not know the circumstances under which she allegedly killed her teammates… makes me curious, and hopeful getting to know her as a character.


In two years, has discrimination developed between the outsiders and citizens? Haves and have-nots?