Sad music guilt… Enough guilt to make her hack for the greater good? Stay tuned same Kleya’s time, same Kleya’s channel!!

Seros Senric

Things like this may also tempt her into hacking again. Whether she succumbs or not is another matter.


Suspicious timing, that rule change. Although Danni does say “again.”

So now Kleya’s options are… Quit the Game and give Danni her spot (maybe most noble option, but that leaves Danni dealing with Jane), vote Waterman off, but that would require either Bandit or Dude to go along, for whatever reason, or just ignore Danni’s pain. I don’t think she can really hack her way out of this one. This is a Reality problem. Kleya doesn’t seem to be especially good at those.

Of course, Aneeka will probably confound us all with option D. (Maybe literally.)


Its a catch 22.

When I am sad I just…want to dance. Which actually makes sense in this.


The Big Cheeses, the Head Honchos, Kings of the Hill, the Higher Ups, the Boss Monkey’s, Da Man.


Too bad they apparently don’t have elections, as I’m pretty sure making it illegal to play games would get them voted out at the speed of light.


Harsh… Wonder what the requirements are now? How will they pull this off?


It’s The Man, man!


Of course, you’re all forgetting the petition to kick Waterman out of the team. If he gets booted, who’s going to take his spot? Huh?


Sometimes it’s hard trying to be a friend.


If kleya quits she would be dumb lol u know there is goin 2 be a deus ex machina moment anytime now

U guys are seriously surprised they would change the rules? I think they do it to their people bcuz like she said, they want them to work the farms not life and if Danni gets to achieve her dreams who’s to say another might get the same idea?


And what about a paraplegic who literally can’t work the farms? The only way someone like that could contribute would be through something like L.i.F.e. where the limitations of their physical body wouldn’t matter.


im getting the feeling that this future isnt so helpful for those who live in Cities. I think you have value if u can work the farms. Danni said it herself in one of the earlier pages about how it all works.


Voting Waterman off is already not an option, however there was that other petition that she deferred on, that may vote the crazy lady off…


she voted to let Bloody Mary stay the one who is still waiting to get voted out is waterman

Stig Hemmer

She has to cut down the tallest tree in the forest … with a herring!


We are no longer the knights that say “ni” we are now called the knights that say “Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-PTANG. Zoom-Boing. Z’nourrwringmm”


Keeping people from playing games? Isn’t that illegal? Then again, in a post-apocalyptic world, I suppose the law doesn’t really matter that much, especially since most people pretty much live on the net, and almost all rules there (or technically “here”) are set by site owners about their own sites, not by law enforcement.

The laws in this case are set by the people running the Cities, and even if they are elected, they might be able to get support for limiting access to a game when the population as a whole is on the edge of starvation. The “free market” solution would be to let food production fall off as people spend more and more time online, allowing food prices to rise until no one can afford to spend much time playing, but that method would also involve a lot of people starving while the food supply falls drastically before (hopefully) recovering. There… Read more »
Dorje Sylas

“Why are you playing a game when we have civilization to rebuild!?”

Modern laws and “freedoms” tend to go out the window when things like survival become bigger issues. If anything the laws would change to reflect the needs of whatever remains of civilization. That could include the loss of personal freedoms and liberties.


Ummm….several European countries have outlawed video gambling. Why do you think they’ve changed the Game Corner type areas in the Pokemon games since Platinum? They literally couldn’t legally sell them in most of the European Union where the series is normally half-ways popular.




The worst is… it’s reasonable.


btw. is she really crippled? Seems pretty shoddy legislation not to let cripples stay in LiFe.

Tim C

I don’t know.

A lot of us (commenters, that is) think she is, but that idea originated in the comments section (in response to Danni’s parents saying that she “couldn’t” work). It’s been so widely repeated that it’s basically assumed true at this point. Fanon-until-jossed.


Ah, ok, thanks. And it’s been confirmed. 🙂 or… 🙁 rather.