And if her reality is not OK then she can reject it and substitute it with her own.



Squid Mushroom

*likes this*


I can’t imagin Kleya really frightened, even being all alone in mid of nowere.
But apart of that,I’m still curious about what Dani is doing at university just after the fights

The Merry Lurker

Thanks for posting my pic, Aneeka!

I like how today’s comic reminds us that there IS an R/L there…. and that, hey wait a minute, Kleya hasn’t checked on it in a while. I wonder if that “BUY FOOD” post-it is still there.


I has just thinking about this “BUY FOOD” post-it, but I guess Kleya go to Real World time from time to that between the story parts ^^


Please change the fanart links to permalinks – I don’t want them to go away when the people next update!


There’s a link to Fan Art page at the top Riking ^^


Emily’s was definitely spot on. I read To Prevent World Peace as well, and those two definitely have a lot in common. They really could be opposite sides of the same coin.


what do you mean you don’t like Kleya’s expression in the first panel?!? It was actually perfect with the fact that she knows something is wrong and that she KNOWS she needs to talk to danni. And her attitude was completely correct in that aspect, and I do like her expression in the last panel. If you want to see a Kleya expression that you shouldn’t like, go back to book 1 and check out the first couple of pages. 🙂


Hmmm, Kleya’s got a good head on her shoulders.


I actually like the Kleya in first panel, although I think the mouth might be slightly wrong for what you are going for. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great, but I agree that something isn’t quite right.

Something it could be is the eyebrows. I’ve been trying the last few minutes and I can’t get my own eyebrows to go like that.