And, as anticipated, the Dude is not happy about how the team leadership has fallen out….

If that’s Bandit teleporting in, he had better hope whatever he has set up for counter surveillance is airtight.


Wait, now they’re confident they have “her” again? Where did that come from? Is he just so desperate to find her that he’s ignoring what would normally be a clear sign that this isn’t the hacker he’s looking for?


Bandit just wanted to make sure the others were convinced they had the wrong person. He’s serving as a ‘stellar character witness’ and throwing them off, so he can identify her positively himself. His motives may or may not have been clarified prior, but I do know the comic’s revealed previously he wants the others off the investigation.


He’s already confirmed who she is via that whole interview process earlier to get her in the game. If you notice, Bandit’s been trying convince Grace from moment 1 that it wasn’t her, despite the fact that he clearly knows it is.


Ooh, now Banit’s gonna be under Bloody Mary! Ouch!


I’m not convinced that person is Bloody Mary.
By the way, sent you an e-mail about the website.

Alex C

Yay! Welcome back, Dude!


The real question now is, what game Bandit is really playing here?


I agree. He is trying really hard to make the doctor ignore Kleya. Why? What does that gain him? And why does he include the Dude into the inner circle of knowledge?


Oooh, the plot thickens!


A little off topic, but I sincerely cannot imagine B. Jane as a person with leadership skills. I mean, how can she possibly order the others around? Is she going to mumble nonsensical quotes from creepy nursery rhymes and expect her team to understand?
If she really is insane and it’s not just the way she portrays herself, then, not only will she prove to be a horrible Leader but many would like to overthrow (if that is even possible)or keep their distance from her.
Let’s see how “Jane” is going to co-operate with Kleya when the Game begins!

Squid Mushroom

When I first read this, I thought Dr. Grace was impersonating the bandit while talking to the Dude. Looking at others’ comments… hmm.


I think the “some minutes later” comment is meant to dispel your intial theory…cuz I see what you mean about Dr. G teleporting and then suddenly the Bandit is teleporting in elsewhere.

Hmm, I’m not sure how the game works from now on, with the missions and everything, but I think Mary and Kat working together would be pretty unstoppable. Mary’s dolls could attack through Kat’s special, with Kat’s special causing them to multiply into a mass hoard. Kat’s would also stop who/whatever they’re fighting from hitting back. Eventually Mary would run low on hp from her dolls multiplying, at which point Kat could turn off her special, and Mary could possibly turn off the multiplying portion of hers, then Bandit and The Dude could get into the mix. Sounds like a… Read more »
that one guy

….Oh my g**, they would be unstoppable! And we don’t even know what dude’s powers are! This is gonna be awesome!


I’m not disagreeing that their team would have a great deal of power (even just with what we’ve seen so far, and I’m sure there’ll be more from each of them) but keep in mind that ordinarily to get in the Game, you need to beat EVERYBODY you come up against in the tournament (with one possible loss, but still) which is after the qualifying round which eliminates half of the contenders in a single go. Everybody that gets into the Game is going to be some flavor of powerful.

Squire James

I wouldn’t be surprised if all that information spread around about Bloody Mary turned out to be a bunch of lies. It wouldn’t exactly be the first lie spread around until it was accepted as the truth.