I wanted to see the stabby more. Also, y u hax? Poor life decisions…

Fire Hazard

Ooh, Kleya… so close.

that one guy
… really Kleya?! I’m honestly shocked, I mean, come on! Now your just being a sore loser. That, and your making a terrible mistake. You are being very closely watched and unless you can make the mod untraceable or look glitchy/accidental, your gonna get caught. Also, I’m little worried as to how far your willing to go with beating your opponent. Would you possibly go so far as to mess with Bloody Mary’s real life user if it were possible? If it was, would you do it in the name of some justice that you defeated an evil person? So… Read more »
The Aussie Bloke

I can see an easy solution.

1. Take hold of opponent’s head in both hands.

2. Twist until something snaps.

Squid Mushroom

Another idea if she hadn’t let go: have Bloody Mary fall forward and squish her and all the dolls underneath.

Ninja gazelle

Actually, couldn’t she still push her forward and into the dolls. Not sure if all her go is gone but I doubt it. She could hook Jane’s ankle in the process if she needed to.


kleya…kleya…what are we goin to do with u.

It would be cool if she used bloo–Jane’s doll to self-destruct or something cool like that.


I guess old habits die hard, eh?

The problem now is not Bloody Mary, but Dr Grace and the Bandit.


Ew. I hope that sickle isn’t still stuck in Katv8’s side!

I have to admit, from a plot point of view, having Kleya hack now and win would be more interesting than having her lose to BlooJane in this round. They’ll have to fight again, because of their respective grid positions. But I hate to see Dr. Grace gloating about being right.

Hm… I wonder how much time is left on the clock for this match? It would be funny if the clock runs out before Kleya can hack, and the fans give the win to Katv8 in the voting. 😉


You’re right! Jane is wildly unpopular after her little stunt in the game, I’m sure!


Ah, there she goes…


Nonononononono, Kleya, you’re better than that!


Ohoho, we are gonna get some serious action going!


Uh oh…


NOOOoo~ Don’t hack! D: They’re waiting for youuu


She was good for so long but everyone has their limit.


did you guys forget the Bandit?


I’m thinking Kleya is kinda like Snake Plisken before the Escape From movies…. they need her help…. and need to find her. She’s frankly getting tired of it.


Its more like they need here to undo her “anti-hacking” program that stops them from changing things the way they want to.


She’s not hacking yet, just looking for Bloody Mary’s dolls’ weaknesses.


Oh no… 0_0


So.. are the dolls going to attack jane, or are they going to leech out her hp?

that one guy

Maybe they’ll fall off of Jane, hit the floor, and die, then multiply, draining Jane of HP. Anti-climatic I know, but it’s still a possibility.


Double Sigh…

Why did I assume she would be able to stop herself from hacking? I reread my post from teh last update and I was so sure that she wouldn’t because of how dangerous it would be.

Oh well. Sucks to be you Kleya. 😛


I am here to say that I really like your comic, it’s definetly in my top few favorites. I do have some questions though,1, what does mod mean? 2, how is it that bloo- I mean Jane can still be on L.I.F.E./the game? It’s okay if you can’t answer me.


Mod is short for Modify. It seems she’s planning to rewrite the code in the doll to make it do something unpleasant to Jane, maybe explode?

that one guy

In answer to number two, and I’m just speculating, but it may be that Bloody Mary has changed her IP address or something to throw people off. You can’t prove she is Bloody Mary unless you were to confirm that the user who controls Jane is the same one who controlled Bloody Mary. Everyone assumes that Jane is Bloody Mary because their avatars look the same, but unless the codes and data are the same for both accounts then you can’t prove they are the same person.


Thank you both for the answers, I really appreciate them (^v^)

The Merry Lurker

$#!+ just got real O_O


Even if Kleya wins without hacking, Dr Grace and the Bandit will make sure she loses. So to truly win, she has to defeat Blood- er, Jane and those two. But if she beats all three, then the mysterious HE will know she is the hacker they are looking for. And of course we still don’t know what she did to attract all this attention. Maybe the artist will reveal that in the next few pages. ( And maybe not ) Always hope.