‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 156


(Bloody) Mary had to change her name (to Jane) when she restarted. Not many people use her new name, though.


Want more updates of Not A Villain? Then let's create the WOM virus! See here to understand 😉

And for the vote incentive, I put up the original concept sketch for Bloody Mary's new avatar. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks everyone for reading!


HOLY SH**!!!! The dolls look like Mina and Danni which is extremely creepy.


Unless he is actually successful, Bandit is either going to get hacked himself by her, or have a nasty run in with D. We saw what happened last time D was triggered.


Ah found it! That’s right Just let D take care of it!


I see, so the “Virus” they want so get rid of so badly is the anti-hacking program that protects everyone. How ironic that Kleya, through the use of her program (I assume it’s her program), has probably done more to keep everyone safe then these chuckle-heads ever have, yet she is the despised one. Meanwhile, the protectors of L.i.F.e are the ones that wanna take it down so they can have total control over the virtual reality.


Yes TENka’s Anti hacking System is Kleya’s


Tim C

D is probably “The Virus,” and not “TENka’s anti hacking system” at all. They are probably taking credit for its work in order to keep it secret.


D *is* the Virus?! I wonder what else it does that makes it so terrible…

Sir Read-a-Lot

Hmm… Definitely sounds like D is the Virus.


The way the Bandit hacks is different from the way Kleya does. Interesting.

“or it will attack me first” “that is fine. You are expendable”


Also….. Score!
First time I have noticed that NaV is #1 on the TWC voting list. Very nice!

Stig Hemmer

(Note: The following is a JOKE!)

Hmmm… you haven’t been *hacking* TWC, have you?

my, 156 already? how long has it been since i last caught up? well, no matter. i see you art has improved slightly, everything feels much smoother. something as though you bumped up the polygon count. character design just keeps getting better, i very much like the look of this new challenger. on that note though, i still cant get over the older mans hair. orange and grey? is the grey some kind of head shroud? is the orange metal plating or more likely a tattoo? and more over, if that is hair who on earth has taste bad enough… Read more »

So is it time to see what Kat can do when she can’t rely on her specials or is it time to see what “the virus” is? I can’t wait to find out, woohoo! *Also (Bloody) Mary’s new look, Jane, is totally BA, can’t wait to see what her Special is.


You think you can hack her special without Kleya noticing? Let’s see you try…


So, can Be Nice even be hacked? Yes, technically as it is a program it is hackable, but did she do something peculiar to it to make it particularly hard to hack? Oh, and they don’t know yet that she has more than one special, do they? So what happens if they hack the wrong one?


She only brought in ONE of those specials, because only one was allowed.

Pay attention 😛


I am sure the other specials are there only Disabled. I am sure Bandit can tell the difference though.

Tim C

Not all programs are hackable, in the conventional sense of the word… I suppose if the Bandit has access to the server, he can just edit the server’s copy in memory, but that’s not really hacking so much as it is abusing administrative authority.

Techno Gray

Well I guess D is the virus.


Ooh, it’s looking like D is the Virus 😉


Grace is getting desperate. Sounds like reckless and dangerous actions for one who is normally such a planner.


Well, I guess I was wrong about Kleya being the reformed Bloody Mary. Figured it coincided with BM’s disappearance, and also resonated with Kleya’s desire to ‘reform’

Her special is four programs cobbled together. Bloody Mary’s original team, including her, was five people…fascinating. It was just a suspicion before, but I think it just got a little bit more backing. Consider: 1. If the original situation had stood, Bloody Mary’s entire team would have been disqualified and replaced. 2. By “slaughtering” the other team members, Bloody Mary’s views rose drastically; if she hadn’t been banned, she would have stood a chance at entering. 3. Even in spite of that ban, as Jane, she got into the finals, in spite of/because of the fact that she’s now believed… Read more »
Tim C

I think it is a coincidence, personally. She probably had four specials when she was in The Game, and so for the Deathmatch, cobbled them all together with spit and bubblegum.

Grace thinks “Jane’s” user is insane… not that he is necessarily correct. It’s possible that the dolls steal specials from others and try to use them, though. Except that if it were that easy to grab someone else’s code, you’d think TENka would have grabbed the code for Kleya’s Specials already. But maybe it just grabs the compiled version of the code, which doesn’t give away the programming style so much. Clearly TENka can access at least part of Kleya’s Special if Bandit is going to try to hack it. If Bloody Whoever’s Special grabs the compiled code of other… Read more »
Tim C

I’m not sure where the idea that she steals specials comes from. As far as I can tell, that idea’s genesis was in the comments, based on wild guessing.

If her special steals specials, Kleya would probably have noticed that.

Sir Read-a-Lot

I wonder if Bloody Mary has a special that steals specials?


Oops, missed this when I posted above. Yeah, that’s my current theory.


Man if Programing / Hacking was only that easy in real life…
Sorta makes me want to learn programing though.


So… is she Bloody Jane now? 😀


Or lady Jane Grey by the looks of her. ^_^ I like how she turned out. Nice and creepy.


I was leaning more towards Calamity Jane…


I’m wondering about D being considered a virus.

My theory is that Kleya’s mother died, possibly in part, because of Kleya’s hacking. She might have made D around that time as her first act of reforming? If her mother was dead because of her hacking, she might have put D in place to keep others from doing so, only allowing the ‘Legal Hacking’ and stopping all other forms before vanishing, returning when she did to keep TENka from finding her and forcing her to take the program down.

But my brain is strange. Love the comic, though.