A Person Am I

Yeah, I found this page amusing beyond rationality.

The three backup plans were excellent.


Woo! Go Kleya! That’s exactly what I was thinking!


Yea, we all saw this one coming.
It only takes one opponent that understands that being nice is the key.

This is why Kleya doesn’t really fit in a ‘RPG-magic-martial arts’ kind of game (like The Game), you need a diversity of weapons to survive in those.

She really must change her ways, if she wants to play it legit that is.


She’s only allowed ONE special, of course she’s only using ONE type of weapon >.>


It’s almost like the whole tournament format was designed to draw her out. Make her use a single overpowered special, and then trap her into hacking by countering that special. Then just sift through whoever does both of those, and you’ll eventually find Kleya.


TeeHee! I love the vote incentive. And the Bandit in general.
I love their fight. XD

And I love her usual backups. Behehe… Tsk tsk, no hacking. Or the vote incentive will come true. ;o


“… annoying charme… headache…” Hey, great reply, Kleya! You’re improving! 😀


Now she’s gotta use wits, or perhaps even a touch might do it 😀


Wait… the Bandit has purple eyes?

Walter Luís de Azevedo Sabino
Walter Luís de Azevedo Sabino

Well well… Bandit is smarter than he looks.. He probably will do a lot of “sweet talk” until the special ends by itself.. Kleya is in trouble.. o.O


He isn’t waiting for the special to end…. Notice how he back pedaled in terms of his earlier words about the special. And remember how Kleya never attacks… I think the next comic is going to be Kleya either dodging her own special or…. This will not end well for her either way.


Hmm…seems to me that D is the anti hacking system which she coded and being coded by her. So she has the opportunity to hack basically with impunity seeing as she would not make it catch her.

Tim C

As long as all the people watching the fight don’t notice, and The Bandit doesn’t notice.


Yeah there is that.
Although I would have thought she would have more subtle options such as making him fumble slightly or move slightly faster than she should ect. something that is not obvious … then again that does not seem her style somehow.


Actually, the “stay out of this” comment is interesting. Presumably that’s not D offering the hacking options, but she’s reacting as though it is another AI or similar.

We haven’t seen any indication that Nice has a time limit (not that anyone has tested it), but presumably the match itself does. It would not be to Kleya’s advantage to let it go to a vote. But she can’t win by attacking, either.

The motivation to try to become Team Leader is necessary to the story at this point… otherwise the outcome of this fight wouldn’t matter at all.


I’ve gotta say, the art has really improved lately. Awesome stuff.


I do have to wonder… does being smarmy really count as nice? Because Bandit is oozing smarm, IMO.


I looked back through some pages in the old days, and I have two words.

Angus twins.

Did something happen that I don’t remember or have you not thought about them?

If they’re coming up, I just spoiled it, and I hope I did.

Justin Allen

I came across this by chance, and in my time perusing the internet i’ve seen a good many well done webcomics in my time, but this… this engaged me so thoroughly and completely, it forced me to sit down and read it from beginning to end. FIND THEM ANIME PRODUCERS AND GET THIS STARTED NOW! :3