What kind of Dude wears a Sweater. I declare this most un-Dude like. The Big Lebowski would protest this.

Aside: I like how The Dude starts off the match by trying to burn time with a friendly chat.


He’s agreeing because cool and annoying are not mutually exclusive.


‘The Dude’, that must be the best fitting character name I’ve heard in years!
Also, LOL @ Bandits face.


I don’t understand one thing, why is Kleya in the Losers Semi-Finals? I don’t remember her losing any matches. Did I miss something or what…?

Sir Read-a-Lot

She lost her first one to the Bandit when the hacker cancelled the matches, and it was decided by the fanbase.

(Which, I believe, was entirely planed by Dr. Grace.)


She lost all the way at the beginning of the trials. Her fight with Bandit was interrupted by a system shutdown and subsequent announcement of a hacker attack. When the trials were resumed, she was informed that the fight could not be continued and would be decided by vote. She lost, of course, since Bandit has more supporters.


I almost peed my pants laughing at this page.


Wait, I thought the point of Bandit losing his match was that he would be facing Kleya next? Why is The Dude in the loser’s semifinal if he won his match against Bandit by default?

Sir Read-a-Lot

That’s the next match. I believe that this is the match that the Bandit forfeited.


Because the Dude lost the match before, when he was fighting the Bandit, his teammate. Bandit lost this match because of “lagging” against an unknown opponent.
If Kleya wins this round, she’ll fight the Bandit.


The unknown opponent was the crazy lady.

Tim C

The Dude seems like a nice guy. *Sarcasm*

that one guy

He reminds me of a certain Mr. Rogers, from a certain neighborhood. I wonder if his special is triggered by people badmouthing the bandit? Because it almost seems like he’s trying to get Kleya to do so.


If that were the case, then Bandit wouldn’t be wondering why he agrees with her, would he?
And with how popular the Bandit is, it could be pretty iffy to suppose that you could ever pull the special off.


That’s an interesting thought. What is the random buff is performed by COMPLIMENTING the bandit?


Hahaah – “Why is he agreeing with her?!” That’s hilarious.


“The dude” And he’s not assuming at all.
I must say, I absolutely love how all these personas are completely uninspired; it makes this whole event WAY more realistic. Most such stories would have highly-unique personas, but in real life, most people would look more like this and have names that are just as stupid. Kudos to you.

The only think we’re missing are 500 people named “Sephiroth” and “Alucard.”


Not sure if sarcasm…


I don’t think it is… Just go in any MMORPG and look at the names. The number of “Sasukesomething” or “something D Luffy” is quite high. And even in the most creative games there still is a limited number of customization choices.

In fact in this Game, there should be a vast number of Saisuke-wannabe too…


Yeah, I guess the “Alucard” and “Sephiroth” rip-offs are more from my generation.
I guess this world would have a bunch of “Bandit” rip-offs, Bandito, Banditeer…

But yes, I’m not being sarcastic. The Dude is a dumb name and persona, and I applaud the comic for using a dumb name and persona, because a game like that would have lots of people with dumb names and personas.


A fight between specials, means 20sec of small talk ^^

And i like how bandits partner just can´t argue with facts.


Heh, I like The Dude already. Now if only he could get a better name…


This is the first page that has made me laugh out loud. Please, keep up this amazing story!


the bandit chose a funny a** guy


I think reading the entire comic up to this point would have been worthwhile just for the look on Bandit’s face, even if it wasn’t already a great comic.


That last panel may very well make this the single funniest page in the comic xD


The Dude strikes me as the type of person who skids by most people by being agreeable. He’s not mean, or nasty, doesn’t really go against the crowd and takes any opportunities he can get without forcing it. Which might make him a bit formidable to Kayla who does not usually deal with people like that.


DUDE–That’s the Dude?!


Is his special a “sleep” ability, as in he bores you to death just by being there.