‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 130


And thus ends Book 1.


Thanks to all for reading! Book 2 will start on Tuesday, March 13. Yes, the main story will be taking a two week break. In the meantime, I'll be updating every weekday with a short and (hopefully) reader-interactive story where you will get to help one envious, little blob become a real character.

Come back Monday (Feb 27) to see what I mean!


And...for the vote incentive, I prettied up the last panel and added in Kleya's Mom for the fun of it. I think it came out pretty cool 🙂

Thanks for reading!!



Why… The incentive has never updated when I vote on the new pages :(. Granted, I’m voting within an hour of the update, but still… It’s disappointing to read what the new incentive is and then not get it.


What?!! Oh man that’s a crazy cliff hanger!!!!!


And we end on plot point cliffhanger, GOOD NIGHT!


This is a real surprising ending. Love the way you drew how she cries, and I can barely wait for the next updates to see how are things getting along 🙂


I share your love with how this page came out.

And I must say the revelation was a surprise for me.

Great work.


Oooooh Interesting…


Oh wow! Aneeka o__o The incentive! It’s amazing! You really have improved in drawing!! And your comic skills too! it’s always so entertaining to read!! (By the way did you receive my fan art?? I have send you one for the 100 pages but i think you didn’t receive it! D:)


The incentive ought to be the last panel, it would be a great ending when you make the book.

Also – TWO WEEK BREAK?! NOOOOOOOOOOO! *Things shatter around me*.


But we get a side story every single day for the next two weeks. That’s pretty cool.


Two whole weeks!? Ah man, this will definately be missed for that whole time.

And her villainy extends to her parents? I’d like to see how exactly. And if we’re going flashback we’re seeing her while she’s comfortably in her dark side right? That’ll be something worth seeing.


Are you going to publish & sell this? I know I’d buy it.


If you are seeking to print, I’d suggest lulu.com
Although, perhaps the pay per print might not be what you’re looking for.


ok that was unexpected. looking forward to book 2.


Reader interaction? How exciting!
As for the printing, I wish you luck, as a long-time reader.