not for nada, ur artwork is getting better and better Aneeka

Btw how funny is that the poor guy cringes with fear, expecting a fireball or something but winds up getting….nice…sounds dirty lol


Looks suspiciously like a protective special (or will fight anyone that attacks). Amirite?


Are those suppose to be hammers?


Holding her hands up like the Special is holding it’s hammers up, someones about to get a hammering.


Bad idea. When a special tells you to be nice, you should do what it says. Or else, who knows what might happen to you…


It’s a counter-attack, as long as her opponent doesn’t do anything the special would be worthless, but someone who doesn’t know that just sees her standing wide open for an attack.


well she’s confident enough at least. i wonder what the hammers the nice has would be used for… almost seems the special is more of a guard than an attack.


Does he not see the giant pink thing? Attacking now is bad. It probably counters attacks or something. Relying on one move is bad, no matter how powerful it is. You see something often enough and people will understand how to avoid it.
If she doesn’t want to lose, she needs to increase her own versatility as a fighter, rather than relying solely on specials.


Hehe, I’m betting on a counter-attack special. I’m also betting on it turning red and a little less cute after he hits her.

Oh he’s gonna feel this in the morning…




Dear Kleya,

Please design cooler looking specials. While we respect that they are cleverly designed and devastatingly effective; giant floaty smilies are just not very intimidating and frankly we find them somewhat confusing.

Your Fans


You do realise that Kleya sucks at drawing? The smileys are something she knows she can draw – and she also had to make this special in a short time period. When Kleya gets more time and gets better drawing skills, THEN we should have awesome specials


Dear Fans,

You’ve seen my drawing skills, right? If I were to create something more complicated, it would be even more confusing. Frankly, I wonder what you are comparing my Specials to. Have you seen Specials that are more intimidating than a giant, floating, pink smiley with hammers?

[Fake] Kleya


Dear Fans,




Something tells me that Nice is a counter attack, something that will prevent damage to Kleya.


I think I’m understanding the NICE special. It’s a two-edged sword…well, mallet, isn’t it? Anyone who attacks gets KO’d, I’m guessing


I assume this means Kleya’s specials are all geared to affect emotional stats…


If so I don’t wanna see Angry….Happy and Nice already seem nasty enough in their own way, lol.


Makes sense, since most people likely ignore them for the most part. Given what was said originally about specials, most people don’t know how to use them properly, which means most fights are likely based much more around physical fighting, and much less about any of the non-physical stats that deal with specials.


Nice? I wonder where that’s going to put all the points… apparently it doesn’t make the opponent less aggressive. Kleya doesn’t seem worried, though.


Well of coarse she’s not worried, she lost because of a technical problem, he lost because he just plain sucked at fighting.

Fire Hazard

Note the complete lack of concern on the face of Kleya in that last panel.


Well, he was hardly much to begin with (there was a reason for HIM to be in the loser battles, not that he’d last as long here, too) she could all ready tell he sucked by the first instant he said “Raaa” like he thinks that is all it takes to win.

Fire Hazard
Let me elaborate: 1) This is an opponent who, as Kleya herself said, can two-shot her. 2) Kleya is completely unconcerned by the fact that he is charging straight at her. 3) Although her lack of concern may be because she has already proven that she can easily dodge his charging attacks, it is more likely that she isn’t worried because 4) She has a special in play. (Now I’m just speculating) 5) Because her Special has yet to affect her enemy in any way, it is likely not an Attack Special. 6) Therefore, I personally have chosen to infer… Read more »

She did say something about ‘with my hp halved’ and ‘two solid hits’ on the previous page.
Maybe it’s a special like the good old pokemon move flail?


Is flail the same as struggle? I’ve never seen flail.


No, flail is a move that gets much stronger if the user is below half hp, if I remember right.

Hi there, I knoe you haven’t asked for opinions in a little while, but I figured it was about time I said something;first, I love your comic. It’s enjoyable, flows, and the storyline is unusual. However, your artwork needs a little work. It isn’t awful, but I would like to see it up to par with where the story is. This is not to say I could do any better or that I would even try, but as an artist myself I think the first step in improving the artwork is some semblance of shading. Your characters and scenery look… Read more »
hum. i’m thinking that either you havent noticed the improvements since the start or you dont reilize that her style. (least in my opinion) actualy fits in with the comic. its in a vertual world. its going to look diffrent and non realistic. in all honesty. (and depending on how far in the future its set in) if one game is visited by everyone in one country at the same time servers would most likely crash. so to keep things running they would have a lower graphic setting till they upgraded the servers. now if there was a drastic change… Read more »

To quote a certain Admiral we all know and love…



Lots of speculation on what exactly is going to happen and why, but I think we can all agree: That knight in gray armor guy is not going to be happy in a few seconds…. at least, his player won’t 😛


I just LOVE Kleya’s face you drew on the 4th panel. It’s like ” I won’t hurt you, you see? “. That kind of expression is really a nice thing to see drawn if it’s done really well, and I must say, you drew is really amazing 😀 And, I want Aneeka and all the Nav Comic fans a Happy New Year ^_^


Believe me when I say I understand time and skill constraints, its why I haven’t started one of my own, though I’ve considered it enough that it’ll probably happen sometime in the neat future, lol. But again, thanks for keeping up the comic, 🙂 and good luck

Techno Gray

Kleya looks positively adorable in panel 4.


I’m suprised nobody said anything about how Kat V8’s arms are in the same position as the hammers/mallets (mailboxes?) used by Nice.