‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 105


Complete honesty is apparently not a policy in TENka...

Also, for non-gamer people: HP means Health Points.


Vote incentive is panel 2 with some of Dr. Grace's sanguine thoughts 😈



Tim C
Now that’s interesting. The doctor cut the other two out of the loop about the plan to recruit “Kat,” as well. This is something he and the Bandit cooked up without letting the others know. Judging by the character, he probably only trusted the Bandit because the Bandit is too dim to understand his whole plan, which means that the things he told the Bandit are also nether the whole truth nor wholly true. Then again, for him to tell the Bandit, “She might be recruitable” when her first words to him were, “I don’t deal with TENka” leads me… Read more »

I want to know what made her STOP hacking. Just what can they really do to such a skilled hacker that would scare her? Or maybe she hurt someone close her when she was hacking and as a result she vowed to make up for by makeing herself become a hero. And maybe TENka won’t leave her alone about it…?


Hey, I’m new to your webcomic and I enjoy it very much!

Although I still have many questions about the background. Especially I wonder what is the difference between citizens and outsiders. Will there ever be a more detailed background information?

Tim, I think she was involved in setting up L.i.F.e and had a confrontation with TENka management… and refused to “lose.” I suspect it had something to do with how the rules were being set up, e.g. fines for sleeping in the library (not that specifically, since she apparently didn’t know about that one). I also think Sasuke was on her side or at least was friendly with her. I think he’s the one Dr. Grace doesn’t want watching this match. sw, citizens live inside the Cities, which apparently have air and medical supplies. (The atmosphere was apparently ruined in… Read more »
Squire James
There is not much coverage of “the real world” in this comic yet. I gather that a “citizen” is someone who lives in a “city”. “Cities” are places of relative safety, but are generally controlled by some corporation (the dominant one is the Evil Corporation stereotype, though others may exist that are not). An Outsider is someone who lives outside of “cities”, with an implication of physical danger such as collapsing buildings. Apparently Internet connections are still readily available, though. Apparently some cataclysm removed all normal jobs from the world, so everyone’s livelihood depends on an MMO nowadays. That (and… Read more »
Shadowy machinations from within a shadowy organization (and let’s face it, Tenka is shadowy, no matter how you slice it)? Zounds! Foul things are afoot! But for whom does this Puppeteer pull strings? Does he work to better the lot of the people or for his own twisted ends? I’m eager to see how this whole tournament thing works out. It could be long and drawn out depending on how you treat each match. Do you have a comic buffer or are you uploading these as you finish them? I’m also curious as to how hacking or programming works; I’d… Read more »

TENka seems to get more and more suspicious as the story progresses. Something tells me this guy is more than a little dirty. I have a feeling Kleya has a very good reason to want to avoid TENka, aside from the hacking. Perhaps she has history with them not related to the hacking?

Fire Hazard

I love your comic, Aneeka! I’ve been reading it for a few months now (when I first started reading was the one where Bandit initially activated his Special), and I love your story! And the art! And KatV8 reminds me of a Code Geass Noodle-Person! It’s just… FANTASTICAL!!!!!!!!!


I’m going to make a prediction: The Bandit will win. She will go in the loser brackets and will win all those and then will have to fight the Bandit again. And I bet she’ll lose again. She doesn’t have to win (just be in the top 5) and the Bandit has a “license to hack”, so she won’t ever be able to top him in these situations.


Tim I respect your wild speculations and add some of my own. I am now convinced from this page that this guy and kleya’s sponsor are in cahoots. In fact I suspect that given his shapeshifting powers they might even be the same person! Though that is less likely.

Tim C

I was pretty sure her sponsor was actually the Bandit, not Dr. Grace – Dr. Grace wouldn’t have asked the Bandit to get her in if he planned to do it himself.


I can’t wait to find out why they can’t recognize her. Did they never meet her face to face before? Or maybe when she joined L.i.F.e. she was able to change how she looks just enough?

This is such a fun comic! I love how much suspence there is in everything that happens. When you started all of this, did you map out your whole story line ahead of time and now you’re just fillinfg everything in? Or do you have another method of doing it? Thanks!


Aneeka, thank you for doing this webcomic! I echo Bethy’s sentiments about how much fun this is. The characters are really interesting, it makes the plot so much deeper than if it were otherwise.

I’m going to guess that we might see what Reality is like at some point. Do you have a different art style in mind for that?

I love your Story!

P.S. Thank you for correct spelling and grammar!