Annie Intro – 01


Behold, it's Annie!


And if you're lost (or don't remember), please see this side story to understand where Annie came from.


Vote incentives are on hold - all my free time is being spent on the Reality pages 🙂

The sky isn’t blue anymore? That is seriously bad. If you don’t have time for vote incentives just post some rough sketches of the Reality pages you are working on. That’s just as good. So are you sure you wanna start on the Anne pages so soon? I know you said you had some done already but but “some” means not all are done, so I guess you will have to finish them off before we get to see Reality. So extra time to work on Reality goes directly against what kind of buffer you currently have. I guess it… Read more »
Sounds like a fair number of pages you got planned Aneeka. While I’m sure you can learn to save some time, that usually takes awhile. Plus, I’ve noticed that once an artist starts going all out on the art, they don’t tend to speed up much as the art itself tends to get more and more complex. I used to be against this sort of practice but I have to admit that you don’t get better unless you keep pushing yourself. If you are absolutely determied to keep a bi-weekly schedule, there are options though. You seem to like writing.… Read more »
Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special

Oh, hey! That girl in purple in the first panel…isn’t she in the library on page two?

It’s awesome to see Annie.

I especially like the coloring of the page. It’s really cool.


Good eye, they really look alike. Maybe she’s one of the NPC’s roaming in the public places…


Leapin’ lizards!


Nice goggles effect in the first few panels. 🙂


Now it’s only a matter of time before trouble arrives. Good luck, Annie. May the great Aneeka protect you.

Hmm…Annie…Aneeka…Does she happen to resemble you in some way? 😛

Also, I with the environment and Annie commenting about how real it all feels, I was wondering; are there zones that resemble, like, mountains or forests or maybe something sci-fi? That would be awesome for role playing! 😀


Just wanted to say I read The Wanted Child and loved it! Keep up the good work!


Very interesting! But the sky isn’t blue anymore? What the h***


From what we’ve been given to understand before, there’s been a serious solar flare that hit Earth, something about the geomagnetic field failing (possibly right before the flare hit), and air not being breathable outside. So I would assume sky isn’t blue because the sunlight doesn’t have the same atmospheric chemistry to play off of anymore, thus giving it another hue.

Or else it’s always cloudy.


if something happened to the earth’s magnetic field, then something very bad prolly happened to the atmosphere. may not be very much of it left. as such, it may be some other color, reflecting the dominant gas in that which is left…or black with stars if there isn’t enough gas for there to be reflected light to cause color. sadly, this prolly means no more auroras as well since they are the play of electric charges in the gases of the atmosphere caused by how the solar winds and our magnetic field interact with each other.


Long time reader, first time poster, I just thought of something. I remember some people asked whether or not a forum could be made to express theories and better organize them, but was rejected due to some concerns with moderation. How about making a TV Tropes page? It’d help organize some theories on a WMG page, reflect some tropes regarding some themes and elements of the series, and might even draw in more readers who are get into a wiki walk. Either way, just A thought I’d share, and sorry if this is a bit off topic.


Ok, you know what I just said? Turns out it already HAS a TV Tropes page. Go figure. And I’m gone.


It also has a wiki and the wiki has a forum: Go ahead and post there. I’m feeling pretty lonely over there 🙁


Reality… please…(weak wheeze, cough)


It’s alright. I understand.
(Toma does make a good point, however.)


Your art has improved by leaps and bounds from when you started. I am seriously impressed. Can’t wait to read your book.


You could write 2 seprate comics. And when one is taking too much time, switch to the other. You could even have them overlap at times