December Break – 07


NAV is on break until the New Year!

Danni's turn!


Hey there! It is not possible anymore to visit your site using an android phone. One of the ads pops up, telling you your battery sucks or you have a virus. No matter what you try, your app store will open plus the website of the add. Its not even possible to go back to nav without getting kicked out again.

Iron Ed

I like Danni; always have. This makes me feel a little sorry for her though.


Erm… That should be either “who’s this voice” or “whose is this voice.” 😉

And I completely get Danni’s remark about “friends.” but she acts like a friend toward Kleya anyway, whether she means to or not. (A grumpy, prickly friend, granted.)

I wonder if Danni’s parents had gotten a Kido for her before the Ending? Was she injured before or after the Ending?


Good job on all the interviews!

I’m curious about Bloody Mary. ^^


In her 20’s… I suspect she is bending the truth a bit.

Not that I have anything to go off of to suggest this, but I suspect it.

Dragon Emperor

Wow I’m surprised at Danni’s age, I thought the group was all – aside from Jane – teenagers. Admittedly late teens like 16- 19 but still.


Whoa. Danny is going to have an even harder time keeping fans than Kat (I like this name more than Kleya, and neither is real, so I can pick whichever). Kat is at least openly heroic.


…Welp, the big news in geology is the super-volcano that has been size-estimated under Yellowstone, and the fact that many volcanoes are acting up all over the world, so…the planet needs to stop being a fan of NAV, because it’s making me nervous, lol.


I just wanted to point out that ‘entertainment’ is missing a ‘t’. Also, btw love your comic!


Just wanted to ask a question to Jane
Have you ever heard of conditioner, and why does it appear that you don’t take good care of your hair. That’s it :3


I love her answer to that last question. Something I can really relate to.


Um.. I don’t mean to be that guy (if indeed you think of me as being that guy) yet n00b and newbie are different… If i remember my 1337 correctly a newbie is someone who is new to the game who puts forth the effort to improve and has potential. Whereas a n00b is the annoying person (who may or may not be new to the game) who is constantly asking for free stuff or higher leveled characters to power level them, they’re also someone who is hopelessly bad at the game and has no potential for improvement.

Sorry again…


Because it’s slang, it always varies between people and regions.
Yes, commonly a n00b is someone who continues to act like a newbie even when they’ve been at it for a while, but there are still many people who just use n00b as a contracted for of newbie.

To reiterate, both are correct.


Hmmm… So what I got from this is that if Danni had a bit more of a script she would be a lot better at blending into the game.


Slightly mean, somewhat rude, doesn’t quite understand or care about the social norms around her, and refuses to really even acknowledge the concept of friendship.

…She would make an excellent villain :3 . Though she’d not make a bad hero either, of course, troubled heros are always popular with the fans – if she learns to stop yelling at them, obviously.