December Break – 05


NAV is on break until the New Year!

Bandit Time!


Also, for those in the AneekaChannel, I posted some ideas for 2014. I would love your feedback. Thanks!


Haha, I’m loving how the personalities are clashing with their creator =).


Aneeka. I love you more with each of these interviews. 😛 Your characters are a lot like mine (or maybe mine are like yours…hmm). Cranky and defiant. I had it suggested once that maybe I should traumatize them less, but then I figured out how to blackmail them instead. Still doesn’t work for the suicidal psychopaths and megalomaniacs though. Maybe you can try a new approach to them if any of your threats can avoid spoilerificness.


At the point now where bugger the main plot! More interviews! If ever you’re looking for any freelance jobs offer to do these, with this setup, for other comics.


“Easy, hire a good artist.”
“Why thank you!”
That made me laugh out loud.


Hahahaha! I get that problem with unpredictable characters all the time. Fortunately, the one I’m writing about now is pretty mellow, but that can change at any time. 🙂


Maybe, during normal updates, an extra comic some weeks of Q&A. Because that? That up there?
If being a webcomic artist or writer fails for you, I suggest comedian. Classic! Every 4th or 5th response on at least one side was hilarious!


“But you are a good enough programmer to hack, right?”
“That thinking got a lot of programmers killed.”

Way to avoid the question Bandit.


I am still not a fan of these characters! But that’s ok, I’m not the target audience. Having something to read is going to grab my attention during this break. So on-wards I go reading the previous 4 break panels!


You know… I wouldn’t be too surprised if Bandit turned out to be Dr. Grace’s son, but Dr. Grace doesn’t know it yet.


“The Deconstruct Me hackers are blamed for all the hacker attacks” doesn’t mean “No, I had nothing to do with the attack on Shanghai.” Very interesting. 😀

I will be interested to see if we can get more details out of Brandon, actually. He does seem like a guy who likes to talk. But he also seems a lot more sneaky to me than his “Dude” persona.