December Break – 04


NAV is on break until the New Year!


This actually took over 3 hours. I kept stumbling with the dialogue. Trying to make random, semi-spoilerific questions flow with each other without giving away spoilers is harder than you might expect. My frustration finally inspired the idea of how to end it abruptly and since I'm supposed to be on break, I decided to go with that idea. Hope you all like it anyway!

The others should be easier. They don't have as spoilerific of a life as D and Kleya. Well, except for the Bandit. And Jane. And Sandra. And the Dude.


I'm doomed!


Did she just break the 3rd wall? Anyway… I love how Kleya knew about the questions.


4th wall, its called the 4th wall, and yes I think she broke it.


Broke it? She blew it up! Thought she was trying to be a hero. They don’t usually reference the 4th wall, and except in very specific situations for comedy, certainly don’t blow it up.

Heh, that WAS funny, wasn’t it…..

If I had realized that we were going the meta route, I would have asked the questions differently. I really regret not having put in some questions for Annie, being a blob to begin with, she’s the most meta character of the group. Poor Annie, she doesn’t get any side story written of her even though Aneeka raised 13k. On top of that she has such a terrible life. She also gets sidetracked a lot. Don’t worry Annie, I will ask some questions for you, even though it’s too late. At least you will know SOMEONE didn’t forget about you.… Read more »

Hehe, I love these Q.A. sessions! 🙂

I wasn’t here on Friday because of my birthday and now read that you had birthday, too, Aneeka? On that day or on the day before or after? My birthday is on the 6th of December – maybe we have on the same day? ^^



heh heh, but seriously if people actually ask questions that aren’t spoilerific as was requested then you will be fine 😀


I suppose you could have the characters interview each other… Never mind, that would make working with Jane even more difficult. 😉 (It might work with Jake and Brandon, though.)

Having the characters answer these questions themselves in an interview format is definitely more work than if you were to answer the questions directly as the author, but it’s also a lot of fun to read. 🙂 this is supposed to be a break for you, though, so don’t drive yourself crazy!


I think it’s great, lots of fun to read. 🙂


I Enjoy this comic very much! I pretty much read it in one day and I’m still all about it.

Also, I love watching the artwork improve as the comic progresses. Keep up the good work! 😀


Man, I’d say that SOMEONE needs a hug badly, but I don’t think anyone would have the courage to try delivering one. 😀


“That was in a protected file!”
That made me chuckle.

Alexander The 1st

I was half expecting Kleya to respond to that “protected file” line with “Not my fault the code leaks.”


I don’t think you could get a louder Nope in all of the comic then right here lol, nicely done.


I think the dialogue turned out pretty well, yessiree. Thanks for keeping us updated and entertained!


I really like how the Q&A reveal the character much more than just answer the questions.

Are we done yet?

“What the character would answer if asked those questions” is in this case a lot better than “what is the actual answer to those questions”.

Xel Unknown

This is awesome comic that I’ve read it twice so far since I started reading. :3

Might even start a third readthrough of the comic upto this point. It’s really good. XD