December Break – 02

NAV is on break until the New Year.

Behold the unending scrolling! Haha!

Okay, I'm limiting myself to about two hours on these (I'm supposed to be on break after all!) so the art is going to be...minimal. But hopefully the dialogue makes up for it!


If it's not obvious, D garnered the most questions. Even after I took out the spoilerific and duplicated questions, D took about 30% of them. Kleya was 2nd with 20% and everyone else struggled to reach 10%. Poor Dr Grace came in last with only 2 questions.

Thanks everyone for participating! And I hope you enjoy these QAs!


Wow, I had worried that D might be a little stereotypical though he was clearly at least somewhat unique, but this is extremely well written! He’s my second favorite character now, right behind Kleya.

And wonderful way to present information, using the character’s dangerous and aggressive personality, to avoid spoilering sensitive answers..


He reeaally likes to repeat himself. Or is he an it?


haha. Careful what you ask for, I guess. Or who you ask it of. 😉


Hee. *offers D a data cookie*
This was a fun read! 😀
I guess I’m not the only one asking odd questions. Wahoo.

Can we ask more questions for future ones?


Oh, marvelous! “Mastermind is best.” 😆

And now we get to speculate about who created D. I’m thinking Kleya’s dad, but he’s not so sharp if he didn’t notice when Kleya co-opted a major program like that. Still, we know Kleya’s mom liked pink, so I guess it wasn’t her, and we’ve seen no indication that Jake/Bandit favors red.

Two more candidates… Dr. Grace, or his deceased son. Hm. I rather like that last one….


Whatever he was originally created for was propably the “Sentient AI” part short of what he is now. So chances are all that was missed was some automatic virus detection or webcrawler.


Don’t be too fast in ruling out Kleya’s mom. At least, for now. Remember, the color’s D has listed (Orange, red, and Yellow) all come from the color wheel. It’s completely possible for her mom to be called red, especially since Pink is just a lighter red.


I think it was Kleya’s mom and that’s part of the reason she killed her.

The Dragon Emperor

I don’t think Kleya actually killed her mom, but their was an accident or some one else did it and Kleya got blamed. Or if Kleya DID kill her it was like a mercy killing like say, her mother was already dying or was in great pain or something to that effect and Kleya just ended her suffering.


It was probably a semi-accident in that she should reasonably have seen that it would kill her mother, but was too focused on her goal atm.

That is the most reasonable assumption in this conversation. Personally, I think Kleya was, as you said, really focused on her goal. It might even have been a good one. But her mother saw it would have immense cost.Tried to stop Kleya. Kleya did not want to be stopped, felt she had to go on regardless of cost. Which she indeed may have had to by that point. But to keep her mom from interfering she did something that lead to her mom’s death. She likely did not intend for that outcome, but people with goals can get lost in… Read more »

This was fun to read, better than many of the colored pages!

Chris Godsey
D didn’t actually say that red and yellow were their favorite colors. Just that they ARE red and yellow. Which… I’m going out on a limb a little here, KleyKleya’s hair is yellow and since I can’t remember if Kleya’s mother’s hair color was ever mentioned, but I might be willing to guess it was red. Add to that D saying he helps Mastermind decide when she is indecisive and Kleya being blamed/blaming herself for her mother’s death. I might also guess she took too long in deciding something when D took it upon himself to annihilate something which led… Read more »

A picture of Kleya’s mother was shown in the trials fight with Jane. Her hair was black, so we can rule her out as possible creator. My guess is that it was Kleya’s father.

Alexander The 1st
Eh…Kleya’s hair in Reality is black as well – if the flashback during Jane’s sequence was about Reality while using The Game’s graphics, then that may not be a defining factor. While Bandit does have flashbacks of Kleya as her Reality self, he also did have that flashback of the damage scene in LiFe’s graphical fidelity. Or at least, it looks like it, with the screen that is shown. Might still be Reality there. In fact, I’m guessing that since D has no direct manifestation in Reality, he’s basing his statements on the colour of the hair in LiFe –… Read more »

Draconic, not dragonic. Dragonic isn’t a word. Also, you mean through, not threw. Or at the very least, thru, which is an uncommon but handy abbreviation of through. Threw is the past tense of the verb throw, and makes no sense.


Hey Aneeka, do you read a webcomic called The Legend of Maxx? Because they did something like this a couple of weeks ago.


*flips threw notes* should be *flips through notes*
This was a very interesting page!


Woo! Got my question about favorite color answered!


no D, mastermind is not best Aneeka is best for writing this

Alize Flores

Um am I the only one who just sees a black box that says “December break -D Q&As” ?????


This is the coolest Q&A I have ever read.


Nice touch that D is orange between it’s creator and mastermind.


Just occurred to me what D meant by that, thanks to your comment. He is saying he is part Kleya’s construct and part his creator’s construct. Kind of like they(creator and mastermind) are his parents. Course a program would have a hard time putting it in terms we would understand like that. But that is how I read it.


This page actually is very good at illustrating what D is. Prior to this page it seemed that D was more of a selfish AI that was actively looking to wrest control away (hoard) but rather it now looks like the motive is to nudge indecisiveness towards it’s own agenda.