She cares so much about her.


Wow, I bet she never thought about that… I guess I completely missed it too!

I can totally sympathize with Kleya on this situation as the life of a student is much the same. So many things to do, so little time… Whelp, that’s enough webcomic indulgence for the day. Back to the grind!

Congrats on the total story changeup Aneeka, It’s totally awesome!


awsome, total trust from the other freind.


Hi. Saw your comic back when it started, but couldn’t really get into it. Just gave it another look and found it much better, now that the plot is moving ahead. Having a whole bunch of pages to read in one go probably helped.
Anyway, I’ll add “Not A Villain” to the (too large!) list of webcomics I read regularly. Thanks.


Wow uh, that got pretty heavy didn’t it? Can’t wait to see what comes next.


Are you ever going to explain all these vague hints of a terrible reality, or am I going to have to start pleading for a codex?


I dig how “Reality” is a proper noun. It gives a strong idea of how reality is thought of in in their world, like it’s a place you can visit and not a metaphysical concept.