Mullet Man Bandit is kind of endearing.


L.i.F.e. t-shirt ftw!


I loved the incentive. His shirt was great.


Yeah, I would figure that officials would have a direct statement of their status, equivalent to showing a badge. Showing proof by an action is NOT something you would have an official do.


“Fear the blob people”
Nice one!!


he thinks she is stupid lol


her snappish reactions are mildly amusing all on there own.

mm, and thinking back i remembered what was i was intending to post about a few pages ago…

how did she become friends with the singing brunette? they dont seem to have much in common…

any way, question voiced. perhaps youll answer in in the story itself though, some what more elegently?


(its so blasted hard typing on my phone



You asked for comments on the T-shirt…honestly when he touched it it reminded me of the tele-tubbies and their channel tuning tummies…kinda creepy but also funny. Again, again! I think both his created t-shirts(the life one here and the incentive) would make great real t-shirts(though I guess no one else would get fear the blob people…but it’s quite hilarious).

Sorry for not commenting earlier. I was hoping a muse would hit me, but it hasn’t, so sorry if this isn’t very long. Is that guy the bandit? Is he a real LiFe official? How hard is it to make a new shirt with whatever you want on it in LiFe? And changing shirts like that would be awesome. Does the sign behind him really say “to EXIT, tap the air twice”? I never noticed before, but Kleya’s eyes are purple. Will this be even slightly important or is this another great idea for a wild guess page? I didn’t… Read more »