‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 70

In respect to area, the library is quite small. Then again, space isn't really needed when entire shelves can switch at the tap of a hand.  Actually, the library itself isn't needed, but it helps with the nostalgia for people that miss them.

Kleya has no nostalgia for libraries. The big tables are a different matter, though.


Just found this comic today and I’ve got to say, well done. I absolutely love it, please continue. 😀


Oh, I’ll definitely continue. We still need to reach my favorite section of the story!

Thanks for commenting!

Seros Senric

I can say, that she doesn’t seem to be going all that well at this “in hiding” thing.

And I would probably miss not having libraries. Although, being in a VR, wouldn’t it be able to have many study rooms using the same ‘room’? Using a form of instancing or something.


Yes, they could, except there’s a limit of servers. Storing a bunch of data (ie: books) is easy, but moving/changing objects (ie: players) takes more brain power. And since the library isn’t exactly high on the priority list for server use, three study rooms is all they can offer.


Money makes the virtual world go round.

Don’t worry Kleya, things will be looking up soon.

I’m really enjoying the dot people in the first panel, they remind me of classroom cheating.


Classroom cheating?


Unnecessary explanation time.

It was a Flash Game me and my friends got into a competition over (Don’t ask).

The whole game (Which went into series, oddly enough) focused on cheating on a test, and took place using an overhead view. All the people were color-coded dots. Very similar to the first panel.


That last drawing looked proportional.
“Don’t give up Kleya! You can do it!”


Kleya complains when she can’t get attention, then complains when she gets attention. Her future doesn’t look promising.


Nice to see this is starting up again. Enjoying the story, keep at it!


I like this comic, just ran into it via another online comic and it intrigued me. Finished reading the whole thing today, and I must say you’re diligence in actually continuing this comic impresses me.
The story impresses me as well. I want to see what happens with this character, I’ll stay tuned. Keep up the good work.
By the way, if you have a DeviantART account and don’t mind linking it to me I’d quite like to watch you on there ^^


Thanks! I’m so glad you found my little comic!

I don’t have a DeviantART account. I keep meaning to set one up, but haven’t gotten around to it. When I get one up, I’ll post about it, okay?


hey gotta say love this!! i feel bad for Danni, and the fact that Kleya feels bad means she is a good person too.


Yay! I’m glad you think Kleya is a good person. I worry that since she’s not good at being ‘good’, people won’t like her, but it doesn’t seem to be the case so far 🙂

Thank you for the update. I’ve been reading your comic for a while now but never bothered to comment. Sorry about that. Please note that me not commenting doesn’t not mean I’m less of a fan than others. I love all things VR related, and I’ve been following anything that has VR for a couple of years (too bad Emotiv made little progress this year). I’d like to suggest a novel called Legendary Moonlight Sculptor that is also about VR-MMORPG. You can read it on ODD Squad scans website if you want. Also will we ever get to read about… Read more »

Oh, thanks for the recommendation! I shall have to check it out.

And yes, we will learn more about the apocalypse or ‘The Ending’ as it’s called in-story.

Thanks for commenting! I know many fans don’t/won’t comment, so don’t worry. I still appreciate all my fans!


Awesome! Glad to see you’ve updated. I spent the last few weeks simply clamouring for an update 🙂 I love this webcomic! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE


Ha ha. And I spent the last few weeks wishing I could update. So glad to be updating again!

Thanks for commenting!


eagerly awaiting the next page, and voting for you every day.

it really seems like you know your world inside and out, reading the other comments. do you have the whole story decided already?



Ah, thanks for voting! I really, really appreciate it! It’s helped me gain more exposure by a ton.

I do have a good chunk of the story already decided. The main plot and most of the plot progression is mapped out, but small details are still being worked out. It’s like I have the house built, but am I still deciding on where the furniture goes.


Uh oh, Kleya is deep in the hole that is debt 😛