‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 57


Kleya prefers economical Specials that get straight to the point. Unfortunately, no one else really agrees with her.


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Aneeka, I am impressed by your web comic.

You have a unique story to tell; something I haven’t seen before, or even considered.

I like how you use ‘badly-drawn’ avatars to push the plot along — Very clever!

I’ve bookmarked this, and will check in Tuesdays and Fridays, so please do continue.

I found your web comic via an advertisement on Magick Chicks.


Wow! Thanks for the high praise!! I’m so glad you’re liking the story!

And don’t worry – I’ll definitely be continuing. Thanks for letting me know how you found this!


For your incentive you could have done something from when he covers his eyes and thinks “Ooooh yeah, flair and challenge, that’s my motto. This chick won’t know what hit her.” Cocky son of a…. and that last bit of course is Kleya’s thoughts ^_^


Ha ha. Yeah, that’s a possibility, but wouldn’t that be too similar to the other incentive like that?


I’m really liking the bandit. He is so cocky that it is funny.


I’m betting that the Bandit is going to use his sight stats to … his lightsaber!


lol!! That’d be hilarious! Too bad he’s only a cocky Bandit, and not a trained Jedi (or an evil Sith).

Random Person

Wait I thought Specials were banned in the fight.

Reference: Panel three, http://navcomic.com/archive/page-52/


Panel three of that page says “So he’s asking for a 2-minute-no-Special time out”. Specials were banned only for two minutes.

Those 2 minutes are now up (that’s what the BEEEP means in this page’s panel 1), so Specials are allowed back in the game.


Chekov’s gun. She said she has two specials, so she’s gonna need both of ’em to win.


Regarding earlier i was just a bit sceptical about the art. I didn’t think you had what it takes. I ate my words though, and i’ll keep eating them, because i’m really enjoying myself.

Waaa! A special! Seems like she’s in quite the pinch. Hope things don’t end badly for her. I’ll wait and see


Ah thanks! My art isn’t as great as I’d like it to be, but it’s improving every single day! Thanks for reading!


Your art in this strip is significantly better than the other ones.. save for the hand in the first panel.

The story however, is quite interesting.


Ha ha. The hand is Kleya/Kat’s, so it’s drawn badly on purpose. I’m glad to hear the Bandit is looking good, though!

Actually I think they’re refering to the ‘flicked’ hand in the opening panel of this page(which correct me if I’m wrong IS the bandit’s)….could be wrong. But yes, awesome artwork on this one, I believe my favorite is the ‘special effects’ of the “Swish” panel(probably just cuz it makes me laugh at the bandit and his flair that is), though the one with him tying the bandanna over his eyes is really well done too(awesome shading/lack thereof to highlight the bridge of his nose!). So that just made me think of another incentive you could have done…give the bandanna a… Read more »

No, the flicked hand is Kleya’s. It’s how she triggers her Special. Will have to make that more obvious, apparently. Hmm…


yeah…I only realized that after the next set of panels.