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Colors by Audrey with edits and everything else by me.


Bandit being a know-it-all? Who'd have thought?


And I've come down with a nasty cough and headache. I'm also really behind on emails and shipping out the rest of the Kickstarter items and this sickness is not helping. But I'll catch up. It will take longer, but I'll catch up. Eventually.

Thanks everyone for your patience. And for reading my comic! Love all your comments and emails.

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9 Comments on "‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 560"

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I like the colors.


I know that the continual telling of Danni things about the Game is partly to also tell us readers in a way that fits the narrative. I love how for the most part it does still feel natural and part of what would actually be happening, not just shoehorned in to give us a world building dump. It’s interesting to watch the interactions develop as Danni is doing her best to just be a player and not need all the condescending advice as we readers slowly learn more about the Game and world.


I feel silly, I didn’t even think about how the whispers are exposition. That’s how sneaky they are! 😀


And, it’s all 5. I did not see Jane in the previous ones. At least she has some sense of “Party”.

Meanwhile: Until you don’t need it, you’ll get it. How very “Nanny McFee” of him (“When you need me, and don’t want me, there I am”.)

Evilbob dA

Well! That makes total sense now! I can see why Jake and Kleya hit it off so well, what with them being both insufferable know-it-alls! lol.


I really like Kat’s equivocation here. She knows exactly where they are.


Indeed! “The map doesn’t say anything” is not actually an answer to Danni’s question.


Anyone else think the cave looks an awful lot like an open mouth with multiple rows of teeth. It gives me a Return of the Jedi Sarlacc feel.

I think that they really are in an uncharted area. (remember Kat and Bandit’s reactions to the portal). That probably means that its brand new, so Kat doesn’t know anything about it. (of course her answer *was* obviously avoiding the question). And because it wasn’t set up by Tenka, Bandit wouldn’t know anything about it, either. Leaving aside Danni and Dude (who would have to be awfully sneaky to know anything about this), that leaves the inscrutable Jane who first said she needed a portal, then said she didn’t want one. Typical Woman (jk, JK, JK!). Anyway, we’ll have to… Read more »