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19 Comments on "‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 559"

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Didn’t expect this level of attitude from The Dude.

whats a name

feisty little non combatant

Felix Domestica

Lovely work with the rain effect in the first panel.


somehow I can’t make a new comment so I’m replying to yours to get my comment in since it makes it connect better than some of the others.

I wonder, is the rain falling twice as hard because it’s 2G, or is the air twice as dense, making it feel about normal? So many physics questions to answer, but in the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the art and see where the story is taking us 😀


They could just…trip Dude up a bit next time he opens his mouth.

Dragon Master

I still think they could use a “Dude Owned Count”.


Like the Krillin owned count?

Dragon Master

Exactly. It’d be a picture of the no hacking symbol with “Dude Owned Count” Superimposed over it.


Kids, don’t try this at home. The Dude may be so practiced in employing the human shield maneuver, in such widely varied environments, that he can make it look easy, but the risks of the higher gravity are still there!


I love the art on this page!

Alexander The 1st

Dude – the answer is pretty easy – you’re in the are where the deselione came from.


Wot kind of noggin-wipe would create a VR world with double gravity?
Oh wait… a saddist. No wonder Kat destroyed it all.
Hang on… wasn’t she instrumental in creating it in the first place?
Yeah, but doesn’t mean she created THIS level.

Nathaniel - Vanilla
I find it surprising that Danni is so much of clumsy noob… The moment she said it was double gravity, Danni should have been able to adjust her footwork and quickly make her way over there. She used to be a BALLET dancer, movement should be her forte. And yet, in the game, she’s NEVER got that yet. I feel the Noobiness of her character is being too stressed in too many pages. I understand new things, but there has to be a point where she can take action, or at least move with some level of skill true to… Read more »
Dragon Master

Tell me, have YOU ever tried moving in different G’s? Just because she was a ballet dancer in the past doesn’t mean she’d be able to move easily in varying g-forces. Also if you’ll recall she has used some ballet moves previously, mainly as attacks. Like kicking Dude back in the Tree Grove before the other team showed up, that was a ballet form. She also used different moves in the prelims back before entering The Game.

Alexander The 1st

2Gs changes a lot, as does 0.5 Gs, of course, and dancers usually don’t deal with adjusted Gs – especially constant Gs.


Of additional note is that, while the rigidity of ballet adds to its power and beauty, it makes improvisation of movement more difficult than other dance styles might.


Interestingly, there’s an episode of Myth Busters (Swimming in syrup) where it’s implied that the higher degree of physical mastery of own’s body actually means that when you’re in a weird environment, it’s harder to adapt. Because you’re so practiced and expectant of your body that when it doesn’t behave right, it’s harder to adapt.


Yeah, looks like that to me too. It’s VERY easy for Danny’s reflexes to trip her up here.

I hope she eventually figures out how to adapt to different Gs, and starts making it look effortlessly amazing, too 😀


I really enjoy this comic. Its a fascinating storyline where clues are slowly given to us. The characters all know pieces, and each has their own perspective.