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38 Comments on "‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 557"

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James C King

Woah! That looks great!


Please tell me the others are just out of view and that portal didn’t dump them all in different places.


Oh but if it did imagine how many views they’d get. “The Team that got Split Up on Their First Day”


I actually hope she’s on her own! It would be so much more exciting plot-wise!
(Plus I would like to see how the game works from the eyes of a newbie. This is a perfect opportunity for some fun trial and error….)


With that amount of downpour, she shouldn’t have any problem moving around now.


beautiful scenery


Don’t worry Dani, maybe the gravity will be better.


She is going to earn so much popularity simply due to her way to react to unexpected events. If “Seriously?” isn’t a meme by now in LiFe then I don’t know what is.

Lord Monkeyfish

holy sh** that looks amazeballz :O


Is it raining in a desert or are the visuals just glitched out?


When it rains in a dessert in life or the game, it is usually not the visuals that glitcehd out.


That’s exactly what I was wondering. It’s not impossible (desert rain is just very very rare), but that much water (desert rain tends to be small) makes me wonder why we still see sand and sand hills :-).

We do see a waterfall, and some run-off downstream, but a lot less than I’d expect. Maybe the “soakage” rate is turned way, way up over here?


Maybe a “downspout” for some ancient gutter?


Actually… the biggest source of erosion in deserts is…. rain.
Deserts are arid because the weather patterns don’t bring moisture to them. But weather patterns are not fixed things. When they change just so, they can be deluged with water.

It that’s in real life. In a computer game, you get to follow the rules you choose. Perhaps it’s a mile wide beach with a nearby hurricane? Perhaps it’s just a pair of dials: landscape -> dry, weather -> wet.


Perhaps it’s minecraft style worldgen where desert doesn’t really mean dry 🙂


That setting looks to me more like a coastline than a desert.


I interpreted the “desert” as more of a seafloor. My money’s on “bizarre flying ocean that drifts around, commingling with the air”


Wow, good job on the rain and lighting! It looks really good ^^


Beautiful! Just beautiful!

Sooo…. wet T-Shirt contest? Nah. 😛


Why do I get the impression she is actually going to get a TON of viewership?

After a flood of highly knowledgeable and experienced players, her naivete must be charming. 🙂

Autumn Fyre

It’s raining? Where’s everyone else?
Also, is there a reason the art suddenly got a lot better after she came through the portal?


Worlds can’t be just sunshine and roses.

Sometimes it’s gunna rain.


Wow, that page is beautiful!! Amazing job. Can’t wait to see her deal with this new environment XD


Not so much as discussion as an excited comment… I got my kickstarter stuff today! And I’m currently making tea to test out the mug. ?

Iron Ed

“I beg your pardon
I never promised you a ro-ose garden,
Along with the sun-shine,
There’s gotta be a little rainnn sometime.”


Okay, yeah, I have to admit that Danny would be a very boring person to watch if I were actually in LiFe. “Oh look, she’s acting completely incredulous, and not taking anything seriously… again. What an interesting (yawn) character…” At first, maybe, it’d be charming, but constantly pointing out that everything is a video game would get really old really fast.


That doesn’t look like the semi-elemental plane of ranch dressing… more like butterscotch pudding.

I think others have already said everything I can say.


Looks great! Are those rocks or buildings in the background.


Those colours though… AWESOME. And how the rain is drawn… AWESOME.

The Steve

Yay! I got my NAV stuff. Boo! I had to pay tax and customs…


Whoa, that’s really, really pretty. Also, is the portal only one-sided? So she could go back through if she jumped up, but the rain passes through the portal and hits her from the back?

…I guess I was just thinking that a portal would make a really cool umbrella.


The portal was last seen closing. She had to go through, and probably can’t go back, or take shelter.


I would say, “Cue Wet Tee-shirt Contest!”
But I’m pretty sure Aneeka would set me on fire.
And with all that rain, I would end up smoldering for a loooooong time. So, I shall refrain.


Also someone beat you to it.



also where is everyone else


Is there any way to sort these comments by date? The “tree” format makes it hard to find all the “new since last read” comments.


I love the art style this week. It’s beautiful.


Don’t let’s forget that this portal that they went through is totally unsanctioned by Tenka. They could be anywhere! Including brand new/illegal areas. Dr Grace et al are probably so pissed that their avatars are soiling themselves.