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I like Bandit in panel 3 best with his hair going up. Also Danni looks so hilarious in panel 3 with her derpy wall-eyes and her right eye being larger than the left. It gives her “Seriously?” a touch of “Me don’t get anything anymore”. I need to make a Gravatar of this. ๐Ÿ˜€


It is probably occurring to Danni that the portal could go to the ISLAND OF DESELIONES. At least, that’s what I’d be thinking just before leaping.


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I get the feeling that that portal goes to somewhere like candy mountain.


Or maybe there will be cake. ๐Ÿ™‚


The cake is a lie!


Portal prediction: To Narniaaaa!!!

kit ramos

I so love Dani’s โ€œSeriously?โ€ expression that’s gold there.


You and me both! ๐Ÿ™‚

Binge: Qty (1) completed. Missing: All of the “Vote to see the rest of the details” pages. Missing: All of the side stories that were moved out of the main stream (with no links to their current locations) Missing: Anything more about blob 43 (aka not-so-little orphan Annie) Ordering: Re-binge qty (1) … — The fight sequence in book 4 was actually hard to follow. I’m going to have to re-read that section. However, I love the idea of a player having a special to boost the bonus effects of a flee combined with “forcing into the flee state”. Normally,… Read more »
So trying to understand what was happening in chapter 4. Back on page 499, Bandit shot a double shot attack, one attack at each pair of people. Kat sent her manticore to block one attack, and put herself in the path of the other. In 502, we see that she is down to 20% health, and despite taking a big hit — very much not in her old character — Bandit is so sure that she will be identified that he shoots her again. In 506, she’s preparing a hack-attack as a response, but in 507, Danni grabs her from… Read more »
I interpret it like this: 1. He thought “she must lose her 100% or else they will think it’s her, no matter what the other factors are”. Also she bound Aza, bound 2 of the other guys, miraculously deflects Vize’s attack and of course redirects it to the Deselione and subsequently takes its clone over as well as Vize’s cards, by using a rare intrapolla plant. Definitely not how a beginner plays. If I had been in his situation, I would’ve helped Kat out and thus prevent her from using moves that require inhuman reflexes, which she only has, because… Read more »
A team? Kleya and Danni are members of a team. The rest? Miss Hair “Kill someone”. Mr. Neighborhood watch “Stop her even if I kill her”. And Mr “Run Away for good luck!” who just wants to be someone’s sidekick. Ok, he might join the team. Hmm, actually, those are the good alignments or in Danni’s case, a good alignment wanna be. So that might turn into a team after all. I still want to see how popularity will wind up affecting things. The whole idea of an “I must kill” plus an “I must prevent a kill” on the… Read more »
Lord Kilan Tolshi
Just gotta say, I actually love jumping into random portals that lead to who knows where. I do it all the time (in my dreams) and it’s only (dream) lethal like 71% of the time. Granted, even the ones where I don’t “die” instantly I usually tend to end up in a war torn area, getting tortured endlessly, or in a “The Cube” (the movie) esque death trap like place, but even those ones tend to be entertaining! Last time I (dreamed that I) jumped into a portal I ended up having to choose between saving my gf, or saving… Read more »

Omg i finally caught up! I Love it! Yayyy!