Any hacker worth their salt knows how to innovate, and any decent overconfident jacka** is always too stunned to do the obvious.


Ha ha. Such a true statement. When you believe you own the world, it’s hard to comprehend that you actually don’t own it.


I’ve got to say I’m enjoying the comic so far very much, and I don’t want to be too critical, but it took me a few moments to work out that both of them fell over, and that bandit is also getting up in panel 4. The composition on panels 5 and 6 is much stronger.


Yeah, I was afraid of that. Thanks for letting me know. I shall work on better compositions in the future.

I’m glad you’re still liking the comic!


I thought it was perfectly clear, actually, though really all you have to change to perhaps make it a bit more obvious is to replace Bandit’s close-up with a zoomed-out shot of Kleya actually pulling him down.


the “problem” was panel 4(with her on the floor and the Bandit’s leg…)I thought she’d pulled him down, but even with his obvious advantage athletically, I didn’t know for sure if she’d actually pulled him down because he got up extremely fast if so..Maybe showing that panel 2 seconds earlier would have shown him dragging(or hopping) to his feet. I feel like there’s a whole frame missing almost. Still, I caught on and it was awesome! I loved the closeup of the bandit hehehe.