‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 50


Being impulsive: probably not the best trait to have for someone trying to stay hidden.

For the fun of it, today's incentive to vote is the thumbnail (ie: initial rough sketch of the page) of this page. I sketch these in under a minute, but it helps me figure out the layout of the page. You'll see two of the panels turned out differently for the final page. My favorite panel, however, is the last one. Makes me laugh whenever I look at it.

Click on the pic to vote and then you'll be taken to see the thumbnail!

And thanks to everyone who votes! I very much appreciate your help!


i have to say this comic is quickly turning out to be my fav, the storyline is so original


Ah, thanks! You’ve made my day!


RRRAAARWWWW i need MOAR this comic is really epic, its one of the best comic ive ever read!!


Thanks! I’m working as fast as I can!


So I wanted to comment on the previous page but apparently there’s too many replies already? Anyway, the last panel on the previous page is your best yet! So much going on and it’s done extremely well. Bravo!


I get so much spam that comments are closed automatically after six days, sorry! But thanks for the praise! It’s my favorite panel so far as well!