Alexander The 1st

Dude: “You only think she’s so perfect because she’s your girlfriend.”

The Bandit: “She is *not* my girlfriend.”




I gotta say, I really like the alternative dialogue, since it really helps show that Bandit is aware of Kat’s plan and is actively trying to help her without giving too much away. Not to say that I don’t like the current dialogue, of course. The original is more wordy and doesn’t quite fit this context, but reading it really helps you get an insight into Bandit’s thoughts.

Vize is doing the “Nice” Special, but without the ugly avatar. 😀 Is Bandit killing Bellatrice, Haudrauf and Betty, i.e. the 3 people tied up right now? I don’t think the attack went against Kat or her Deselione-clone or else D would’ve asked the usual questions, i.e. “Usurp?”, “Overload?” etc. I wonder if we’ll ever learn their names. Also I like the attack’s white-pixel-effect, because it looks like it’s tearing holes into the fabric of the universe. It’s like the explosion not just tears their victims apart, but eradicates their very existence. Regarding “I should’ve picked an easier animal to… Read more »

but Kat is seeing some sort of alert…. maybe just the Deselione-chimera-clone (with the snake tail etc) is targeted or gets sacrificed.

Hahahaha \-w-/ ‘stop being so perfect’ \-w-/ lmao that’s not how she rolls man – -Kleya is legit the coolest character lol dude and danny have literally just sat in a tree and watched her do her thing and bandit was tied up for most of it. too cool. I love it. And her trying to do it ‘like normal people’ and inadvertently pwning the whole enemy team XD I can’t wait for the fan reactions of her rocking the Erbana. -SERIOUSLY I CAN’T WAIT- (btw loving the design of the deselione, it can be both cute and terrifying depending… Read more »

Did she just hack? Uh-oh!


We see Kat turning the chimera beast, I bet she had it jump in the way of the attack, to protect the bound players. Probably destroyed the chimera…. dang Bandit, just roll with her! She knows what she’s doing!


Is Bandit helping or HALPING at this point? Really, things seem to point to the latter, considering he consistently fails and fails to accurately predict what she will do in response.


Yay for teamwork?


I’m glad that one actually hit. I hope it’s enough to convince the people looking for Kat to leave her alone.

Kat, please don’t kill Bandit over this.


And everyone expected Treachery from the manic formally known as bloody mary…


If Kat now starts focussing (with the emphasis on cussing) at Bandit, then a reference to Yugioh abridged looms in the air:
Vize / Melvin: “If you’re DONE fighting with your GIRLfriend, we have a card game to finish!”
Kat / Bakura: “He’s not my girlfriend!”
Bandit / Marik: “You tell him, honey!”


“I should have picked an easier animal to draw.”

No no no. Stretching is good. It increases your strength and reach. Then someday you look back and realize this one was easy compared to what you’re doing now.

Always take an opportunity to push your current skill level. It may surprise you how much you can really accomplish. : )


Grassed again hehe.


I honestly have to say, Kat screwed up picking Erbana, I think.

She can’t hope to keep 100% Erbana in a group that is mainly about hurting other people without hacking, intentionally or not.

Michael Davison

Awww. He doesn’t trust her, but he still loves her. That must make his inner world a difficult place…


You’re assuming he only has one inner world. I think his world split into two a long time ago.


An explosion? You fool! You’re blowing your cover!