YEP! Souped up clone! Kat clone woulda been extra nice!


I have a great idea bandit, just die yourself.

What is he complaining about anyway, he could just kill somethng himself, he has the right class for range damage.

The situation is pretty bad, maybe Kat should leave the zone to make sure her 100% stay intact.


Killing someone would be a severe risk. We saw what happened if you use hostile actions. That one guy probably won’t stop being a tree any time soon.


He wont stop being a tree ever, methinks. Didn’t it get mentioned that a mid Double Digit Percentage of the trees on the island are Ex-players who pissed off the AI? Since he is technically still alive although being rooted to the spot, it didn’t hurt Kat’s 100% either. Though I wonder if Jane Maiming them would hurt Kat’s percentage?


I thought he was trying to help her. Why is he hoping someone will die? He wants to see how Kat reacts when things don’t go her way?


Also, if she manages to pull off perfect Erbana in a brawl like this it might cause the wrong people to look at her too closely. Bandit wants to verify her, but not let his boss verify her identity, while also judging for himself if she’s dangerous.


He’s worried that if she does too well people will start to suspect who she really is.


If she keeps her cool even when she looses than it will be evidence that she is good and no one will discover her. If she goes bezerk than its her fault if she gets caught and its fine because she obviously needs to be caught if she is still crazy


She was never crazy to begin with.


Except, you know, when she killed millions of people. And, you know, how she thinks that being a game hero will somehow make up for that in people’s eyes.


Do we know for sure that she is truly responsible? Maybe her dad used his IRL mani skills to make her think she is responsible, and somehow made it seem to everyone else that she is responsible… who knows. Maybe she was manipulated into thinking it was a game, when really she was killing people… maybe it was a sort of Ender’s Game scenario, except that the target was people…

Rowen Morland

What’s that Doyle?

Peter M. Eng

“Why is he hoping someone will die?”

Maybe he has something up his sleeve that depends on somebody dying.

Liquid Gold

Just what is Bandit scheming…

(unless, of course, it’s just petty revenge against Kat by having someone die in her vicinity, ruining her 100% Erbana score)

Craig Rawe

I like the page, I’m intrigued as to why Bandit wants a death (and where’s Jane) but this give no hint for the Buff/Attack debate of the last three pages!


Well, the new monster if attacking the old one apparently. So… not a buff, making a (temporary?), more powerful clone of your target that is then hostile to the original. Pretty powerful, assuming you can hit your target with it.


Hmm… It appears that the chimera is attacking the deselion. And there’s a very heavy looking thump near the vine bound individuals.


the lion mutated doppleganger is attacking the original. 0o

Kai Merah

Does Bandit want someone to die so Kat seems less perfect and thus less like Ms ‘Oops, I accidentally an apocalypse’?


Didnt he want to do a knight sacrifice thing earlier killing Dude?


Dragon Master

I wonder if the Deslion, or the Chimera dies will it effect Kat’s Erbana percentage?

Peter M. Eng

It’s possible that the Chimera won’t affect her percentage, because it’s a card effect, but the Deselione would, because it’s a natural creature.

Then again, if it’s not native to the island, maybe it’s not a natural creature either, but some sort of summoning, and it won’t count.

Commander Dulton

To those who are wondering why Bandit wants a Death.

If someone dies that means that Kat is fallible, which means she is not Aneka. Proving Kat is not Aneka is Bandits #1 priority. He’s not interested in her “Perfect score”. He’s interested in keeping her ALIVE, and not in the game but in the real world. If Tenka finds out that Kat is the person who *destroyed the world*, do you think it will be hard for them to use their own software to find the user and send a hit squad to her location?


Given that their own systems are subject to D, a not-a-virus AI she created, I imagine the concern is less people killing her, and more people getting themselves wiped out and scaring her off from potentially helping everyone. They can’t even say certain names in their own base because “The Virus” might act up and kill everyone. They’re not really a threat to Aneka in a harm her sense, they’re a threat to humanity in a piss-her-off sense.


Kat didn’t create D. Kar found D. It was covered in the Q&A session a while back.

It would be almost impossible for Tenka to find her physical location. Internet addresses aren’t like physical addresses. If you wanted to completely disassociate your internet address from anything remotely connected to you, you could. What Aneka is trying to hide is not her location so much as her existence. If they don’t know she exists, they won’t look for her. They may suspect she is still alive, but Tenka won’t allocate resources to search for her as long as they are not sure. Discovery of her continued survival AND connection to the web would change that.
Well, in the current real world you can uncouple your IP address from your ground address, although not permanently; it’ll take a court order to uncover you, but it’s doable. However, based on Kat in real life being in some kind of submarine somewhere far away from all cities, the only way I can think of, of her being connected to the Net (or, for that matter, anyone else) would be via satellite. (Ignoring here how satellites could’ve survived the Ending, as it seems doubtful they would’ve had the resources to launch any afterwards.) You trace her access to that… Read more »



Wait a minute! Where did you get the name Aneka? I thought that we didn’t even know her real name?!


Isn’t Aneka the authors username, and Kleya Kat’s real name?


I believe Werdna is right. There are indeed two creatures as was presented prior, and the chimera is circling the Deselion to attack. That doesn’t explain why the card was originally thrown at Kat (unless the card wielder really IS a jerk).

As for bandit, I don’t think he was talking about Kat dying, but rather one of the creatures. Because he’s recovered enough to handle the other himself, but not both of them.

Cpt. Obvious
My take on this is that he tried to attack Kat as he hadn’t noticed that there were a more dangerous threat. And as for Bandit, he is hoping that Kat gets her 100% Erbana score mangled a bit, not because he’s a jerk, but because she needs to be shown to be human. Anyone who manages to keep a 100% Erbana score in a group like this, and going through these kinds of encounters is going to attract a lot of suspicion. Claiming to be a noob doesn’t make it look any better as she’s been navigating the game… Read more »

Something I’ve come to realize about this series: I am really bad about predicting what is going to happen (or for that matter, figuring out what is going on now). I might as well have a standard comment text saved to my desktop, “I think Kat is going to grow wings and turn into a pegazebra”… because that would be as effective as anything I’ve posted thus far. 😀


It would be the funniest thing ever if that happens though.


I think its more of a Bandit needs a death to proc a more powerful attack…


It could draw Jane via a Morto passive or something.

Iron Ed

I think the writing, art and coloring are all extra good in this one!


Aaaaw- those two are too cute.

Danni and The Dude, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G… xD


Great comment.


Thinking of them going:

“Are they watching?”

“… No.”

*They snog.*


Someone dying means Kat won’t get 100% Erbana.

Get over it, Bandit. You’re immortal now, and so’s everyone else near her.

Snoots Dwagon

Wow, I think you’re right. Someone dying WOULD knock down Kat’s 100%. Now we get new insight to Bandit. “Would someone please die so Kat isn’t so obviously gifted?”


I’m pretty sure that Dude’s “excessive violence” Special would be triggered upon someone dying, maybe he’s hoping for that? Either that or Bandit wants to see how Kat will react to having her Erbana run compromised.