‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 475

Colors by Audrey. Everything else is by me.


Don't mess with the plants.


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And, speaking of seeing me, meeting my fans in LA turned out to be a lot of fun. Due to real life/offline stuff, I'll be traveling through a lot of US states this year and I'd love to meet more fans. Also, I could dip into Canada since I'll be near the border several times. In fact, next month, I'll be in Washington and Oregon (I will not be attending ECCC this year, though). I'll be driving to the east coast in June/July and would love to meet fans on the way.

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Thanks everyone!


Looks like Bandit’s spent long enough in the naughty corner. This can only mean more trouble.


Kat, did you forget about the Demoli? Or is that guy still busy appreciating his rod?


I think used all his magic and now his rod is useless until it recharge.


maybe a random act of Dude is about to happen to the demoli


Don’t forget that Danni still has her quest to fulfill. Wanna bet Kat is leaving the demoli to her?

kit ramos

That does beg the question of what shape is Danni in after that attack since it didn’t seem she was so lucky to doge it like Kat did.


Thanks for all the responses. I’ll go with the theory that Kat leaves someone for Danni, even though I know she is injured and can’t be healed until they trade some stuff in town (iirc Porto del Fama).

Maybe the rod needs recharging, but Bandit was able to cast a spell without a rod, too, so maybe Demolis have a certain amount of spells per day, so their Demoli would naturally use the Rod first, because it seems to recharge within a minute or two.


I love love LOVE Kat’s faces here <3


Looks like Bandit is getting loose… I still get blurry images on my tablet, so I’ll have to check later on my laptop to read the dialogue.

As for meeting places, why not a bookstore? They are usually happy to have author book signings, etc. Plus, they might actually carry some of your books for a while afterward.


I thought that would be mani girl since her bonds are stretched out on two people now and her manipulating speeches would be dangerous. Bandit able to talk wouldn’t be dangerous, just boring, so the weakend plant-bondage might become a problem soon.


Mani girl has darker skin. I’m pretty sure that’s Bandit’s face.

What constitutes a “win” in this situation? If Kat immobilizes everyone on the other team, do they have to pack up and go home, or can they get up and come after the party later after their bindings unravel?


In games if you’re not dead you’re still live. If damage is above -1 you’re still functional. So if the plants come unraveled, since they did no actual damage the characters would come back with full wrath.

Unless of course, Jane and Dude and Bandit decide to do something. Or if ballerina girl (wot’s ‘er name, Darla? Debbie? DinkleToes?) wakes up royally ticked and figures out gravity.


Just call her Clumsyklutz. 😀


Panel 2 holds one of the greatest derp faces of our time.

Dragon Master

I’m still waiting for the Demoli to be eaten by the trees or something like that. Because after all these are no normal trees, nor is it a normal island.

Aaron Lehmann

Are you planning to attend Gen-Con in Indianapolis this year?


I love the looks of horror as Kat’s plants grab them.


That look along aught to be enough to send some people fleeing for the hills.


you can’tget the last one. the quest!


…well i guess she wasn’t specific as to when so they could untie one and have her subdue them after i suppose

Christopher N

XD fitting…

Christopher N

Thanks XD

I can’t wait to see Langusto – er, Vize – to use his cards. Finally we get to see what a Cardista can do. Too bad that Kat keeps one-hitting her opponents, so I hope it doesn’t happen to him, too, but when outbumered this badly she can’t win unless her opponents are weak enough to go down quickly. Are Kestis generally unable to defend themselves from a simple binding spell? I mean they do look like they focus on physical close combat, so it’s really difficult to prevent the binding from happening unless you have some magic of your… Read more »

As I’m watching this, I find that the in-universe stereotype of Erbana being boring to watch is only partially true. Yes, watching them do their typical dailies and other such routine tasks is a bit mundane, but keeping a high Erbana alignment through PvP fights as Kat is doing, by not only not killing people but by forcing your teammates to also not kill, is VERY interesting.

If The Game™ was on Twitch, I would definitely watch someone playing pure Erbana.


I forking CALLED IT! I just couldn’t believe those plants wouldn’t have a back-up in case someone would try to cut them! sorry just had to get that out of my system.