Interesting. I don’t think that’s the swordsman that Blue-Hair’s trying to free. Free their boss while miss Seaweed-Wrap is distracted by wrapping up Swordsman?


Yep. Definitely their boss. Having some debuffs on the other team is probably central to their usual strategy.


Hello Aneeka,

just recently I read on TWC that they offer to print and ship stuff from webcomic artists. IIRC you once told me that printing and shipping is way too time-consuming for you, which is why your store is so small, so their offer might be interesting. I don’t know what they charge, though, as they ask artists to write to them to inquire about pricing.

I mean, your pages are beyond Quad-HD resolution anyway, so you can just send them a few select panels and see what happens.

Link is on TWC’s main page, or here:



So they used the fact that they had to duck below the Demoli attack so Haudrauf (blue-haired guy) didn’t have to waste time ducking to cut Bellatrice free, thus minimizing the gravity handicap? That’s a creative team combo there! Let’s see if Kat can prevent him from freeing Belle, now that she also has to deal with Langusto (Vize).

I wonder why Heinzelmann (Demoli) looks so thoughtful at his rod. Or am I misreading his pose? Kinda looks like he is pouting.


Did you notice that Bellatrice cut those plants before being tangled with them?


You mean page 466? No, I can’t see it. Where does it happen?


They do seem to have their team-work pretty well trained in…

Heh heh heh Looking thoughtfully at his rod :P.

“Awesome job Mr Rod! Such lovely damage, you do such a good job, yes you do… :3”


I find myself curious how long it’s gonna be before Bandit is free and The Dude™ comes back.


is it me or does it seem like a continuity error that Bellatrice seems way to far from Kat?

I mean Kat floored(or should I say flowered?) her at point blank range, she should be laying at her feet, right, same as the other one she captured in the first panel.

or did she retreat?


I think Bellatrice just got pushed back. Her attack hit the grass and she probably only had the momentum of gravity at that point. after coming to an almost complete stop, Kat used her last binding plant and pushed her back while she was still in the air. At least that’s what I think happened.

Also does anyone else get a bad feeling that trying to cut the binding plant is a very bad idea?


I’m hoping that that IS a “bad idea”.


I suppose the gravity is set pretty low.

and yes, lets hope so!

The thing I find most amusing about the Erbana route is that it’s roughly analogous to both the overall goals/temperaments, as well as the ‘forgotten legacy’ of, the Jedi Knights in Star Wars IV-VI. They’ve been (essentially) ‘gone’ long enough that people do still remember they existed, but they’ve basically completely forgotten that there was a *reason* why they were so d*** good at what they did. The only major difference in the analogy here is that while the Jedi always opted for peaceful negotiations *first*, they still retained the ‘backup’ card of being able to apply overwhelming force if… Read more »
Dragon Master

IIRC, it’s not violent actions that cause a penalty but rather death. SO the way I see it is you can hurt them and torture them if you want just no killing after all “You’d be surprised what you can live through.”


Now there’s a chilling thought.


I seem to remember a certain movie (from the company started by Wilt Dizzy) that said several times “it is amazing what you can live thru”.

Seems Robin Williams voiced a blue character in the movie


I’m wondering if the plant that’s got Bellatrice might be booby-trapped. The close-up on the knife suggests that *something* is going to happen, anyway.


Why does that guy’s dagger look like it has a coppery-bronze guard and yet a clearly steel blade? Does that actually make some sort of sense? Is it just me that doesn’t see it?


This is a game where artists create the avatars. The artist drew it that way, accurate or not. Kat has a tail.


My mistake, she doesn’t have a tail. But her artist wanted to give her one. The point remains that the avatar artists can do whatever they want. I doubt it has a mechanical impact that the weapons were drawn a certain color.


Because they’re made of different materials? Like the little wooden disks used for katana guards.

Actually a katana’s tsuba is made of metal, most common being iron, but there are also tsuba made of copper and other softer metals. And yes a weapon’s guard can be made of something different than the blade. The guard and the blade are two different pieces fitted together. Usually a sword will be made of four part, the blade (with a tang), the guard, the handle and the pommel, the blade’s tang goes through the guard and the handle and the pommel keeps everything in place. Some models of pommels are actually screwed to the tang but on others… Read more »

It’s so cool that other people started calling her Bellatrice, too. 😀


Last of the plants but hey… free sword.
And although an Erbana must not kill, the rules are “somewhat fuzzier on the subject of kneecaps”.
— Book, “Serenity”


Snot On My Keyboard award to you sir!


“Last of _those_ plants”
This is a mani island with only mani style plants, and she’s run out of one kind of plant, but she is not out of plants entirely.

What other tricks does Kat have in her bag…?


A rabbit. Although I will say, Tricks are for kids so it may be a goat instead.