‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 47

Poor Danni. She tries to so hard and yet doesn't get anywhere near the results she wants.


And the fourth panel is on scale. To help show how bizarre Kleya's gigantic midget proportions are, vote for Not A Villain and see Kleya's and Danni's avatars standing right next to each other.

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Very nice comic you got! Got here from an ad, loving the story!


Thanks! Which ad, may I ask?

And I’m so glad you’re loving the story!


Ehm, can’t remember… probably those ‘Project Wonderful’ ads..


Eh? Why does Kleya(not the only hacker, it seems) need a 90% victory if Danni’ match was a tie? Unless the same applies to her opponent(first to 90% wins),or a handful of similarly strange cases, that’s ridiculously unfair.

The DeathMatch is designed to weed out as many people as possible, so it’s supposed to be unfair. 😈 Each match is worth 10 points, and each group gets two matches (two partners – two matches) so the maximum amount of points possible are 20 points. No one ever gets the full 20 (you’d have to get 100% of the votes for each match – an impossible feat since you can’t please everyone) but the idea is to get over 10. If your group can get 11 or higher, you’ve passed the DeathMatch and can go on to the Trials.… Read more »

Er, shouldn’t that kind of info be given in-story? =/


Working on it! We’re still not done with this entire scene yet. I won’t be dumping all the info I mentioned above; just enough so readers understand what the stakes are. If by the end of this scene, you are still confused, let me know and I’ll see if I can rectify that.

And I’ll, uh, try not to give out so much info in a comment next time…*feels sheepish*