Fire Hazard

I can’t think of a single reason why you would cut those lines.


I’m a little fuzzy on what’s happened, but I’m pretty sure that’s not dude at a the source of the noise. Probably that monkish demoli. And demoli throw islands around for fun and profit.

I fears.


Yeah, the Dude’s ran off down a path pretty much off the top of the screen, the enemy Demoli is using a large area-of-effect attack & his teammates are ducking under it. Flower’s still up, tho almost dead, couldn’t take much more damage before going bye-bye. And Bandit is probably still wrapped up off the bottom right…

This could get messy…


This looks like it’s gonna hurt… a lot…

As for the Vote Incentive: Heheh… Nice touch. 🙂

Sora Hjort

That is definitely a Battle Schtick


A Bata Neart, to borrow another comic’s title.


If you can’t duck, go over it. ‘Cause I get the feeling that’s too much mean for Kat to eat.


Hmmm.. Where’s Bandit?


Further back beyond the bottom right corner would be my guess…


Well that’s pretty. Heh. Battle Stick.


Demoli’s going postal. In an ideal world he’ll kill some of his buddies with the backblast.


Alternatively, the Demoli will *nearly* kill his buddies, Kat will save them, and they’ll decide to support her, rather than mani-girl.

Another option might be that this blast makes the trees angry. They weren’t looking too happy when we last saw them.

And the vote incentive is hysterical. (But I have not ruled out Kat’s Mean Eater yet!)


I thought they dropped exactly to avoid being hit by their own Demoli’s spell, which Kat took for the cue to tell Danni to duck too. When all enemies are ducking, better duck too, at least in fantasy games that means area spell coming through xD

On a sadder note, Danni has no way to duck T_T.


“When all enemies are ducking, better duck too…”

*Remembers Wolverine Origins, namely the bullet train rooftop battle, when once or twice Wolverine fakes jumping then ducks as the other guy jumps & hits a strut…*


Everything goes boom…


Yes! Jump as high as you can!

Bandit is on the ground beyond the field of vision.

The Will-o-wisps are in full flight. This is going to get the attention of the island’s boss AI, *especially* after Kat wins anyway. If that was as loud as it implies, it’s also going to attract Jane.


Also, the rule of diminishing effect due to distance and coverage is in effect. This almost has to be the highest order special this dude is capable of, but I’d doubt Kat is any risk. The rest only because they are already damaged. Kat could also tell her to stand in her shadow, and just take whatever hit the MeanEater could not.


Did the demoly blew away the leaf from the trees? The forest will not be amused about it.

Owen Smith

Comic has suddenly become unreadable on iPad Air2 (current latest iOS). All I see is two adverts down the left hand side of the screen and the rest of the screen is white. Attempting to close the ads does not help, they won’t close.


Note the discoloured foliage from this, someone Else in the area is going to notice That as well.


Aw yeah! Overhead view!

Well… Kat can still shield Danni somehow?…


Hey, Nice comic. Just commenting for the same reason as Owen Smith above, but I’m on Chrome (Version 49.0.2623.75 m, which is the latest one). I’m typing this from Internet Explorer in order to view the site! I know you don’t want people to disable ads (and I don’t), but these ads are just hurting you!


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