Well the trouble is she is not nice she just wants to be. So you should not taunt her.


Yep. SOmeone’s underestimating a cutesy pink Erbana way much :3


Of course there’s always people who thinks you’re weak but you’re not, ask the army Kat defeated like 300 comics that Dude (Brandon) told Bandit (Jake)


“So… Anyone still after Jane? I still have couple of plants and seeds in my pocket.”


Wow. That girl has my respect for having such a big mouth even though she witnessed Kat taking out the surprise attack and Bandit. I hope she is suicidal enough to add something like:

“Here is a bell for you. Tie it around your neck like the good little Kitty-Kat you are, so your masters will always know where you are.”


Hm, apparently color change commands are overridden. I intended to have the “good little Kitty-Kat” be a light rosy color.


Right now there are two little devils on Kat’s shoulders arguing if she wants to help those guys kill Jane, who is a real danger, or rather help Jane kill this brat, who is really annoying.. Meanwhile, the little angel is in deep thought about how to maintain the Verbana rating when Kat has finally come to a decision.


I’m pretty sure the little angel just commited suicide while a million demons discuss how to kill the mani chick. Let’s asume it at this point the question is not IF, it’s HOW XD

Now seriously,I don’t think she’ll kill her… I just wish she did, Aneeka really knows how to make characters intentionally annoying, no one can deny that.


Wonder if stealing the Estone is considered ‘killing’, or being not nice.


Btw: Did your feet drawing skills get wasted yet again or did you skip them this time? πŸ™‚

Panel 3 looks perfectly fine without the group in the background. It’s like a magical aura around her. I call hypnotism.


I thought that they are walking in tall grass which means feet are hard to see.


Well, the third time means it’s a running-gag now. πŸ˜‰


Oh no, you do not tell Kat to “be a cute thing and go fetch some plants”.


I think she’s going to be *real* glad that Kat is only “nice” to her. “Nice” doesn’t always have to be pleasant.

Techno Gray

Do not taunt “Happy Fun-Time Kat”


Agree…. There are fates worse than death.


Not taking Kat seriously is the last thing she’ll ever do.


I wonder if Kat could speed-code a “mute button” special on the fly…. Bandit needed to be immobilized to keep him from blowing things up, but this one specifically needs a gag.

On the other hand, being immobilized AND gagged and left to fester while Kat’s group goes on their merry way would also be satisfying, if Kat has any more of those plants in her pocket.


That would be amazing!! A mute special… what if it could subtract from your alignment for talking? Say… 0.3%-per-syllable?


The look on Kat’s face is something like: “I WILL DESTROY ALL THAT YOU HOLD DEAR…. Er… I mean… meow.”


Hate to be the grammar police, but shouldn’t the second panel say, “Jane won’t have a chance– comma — even with a bonus?”


people don’t exactly talk with perfect grammar people mispronounce things, slur, stutter, and simply forget what they were going to say half way through sentences sometimes. this seems like what someone would realistically say.



Mr. Random

…. Is she stupid?
Didn’t she just see Kat stop the fireball?
Isn’t Bandit STILL tied up at her feet?
Can she not see the massive sign saying Kat’s the protagonist?
Maybe not the last one… But I think she’s taunting her into an attack.


“But I think she’s taunting her into an attack.”

You’re probably right. Calling her a “cute thing” is guaranteed to provoke a response. As someone else might say “Them’s FIGHTING words.”

I guess we might expect as much from a Mani – although what she hopes to gain from it, I have no clue.


Nah, don’t you know that Dude is the real protagonist. After all, he has gone through the most character development.


Managed to make it to most recent page πŸ™
Comic is awesome, I may have to go back through with a real computer just so I can see alt text.


This one smiles the same way as Mr. Bandit over there and he’s all tied up at the moment.
Now remembering Whose forest this is should they be concerned about the increasing amount of those wisps present?


But Jane is on their team, why would they side with another team who wants to kill her?


Completely non-lethal but painful and humiliating take-down incoming!

As much as Kat is pissed, she’d be more pissed if they made her loose her 100% erbana by forcing her to kill them.

and on the fourth day she discovered the mouseover text… i’m just going to be rereading this comic from now until infinity, i can tell. but there’s just so much anticipation and speculation! so many things that could happen, so many character interactions and reactions i want to see! you even made jane likeable! and i don’t even know how because she’s hardly done anything but kill people! (yes i do know how, you gave her a soft spot for children, virtual included) all the backstories! i want them ALL! i can tell you have them, stop holding out on… Read more »