‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 444

Colors by Audrey. Everything else is by me.


Bandit Ads.

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Told you she didn’t need to make it herself! ;P


They’re a perfect match. Kat doesn’t like to talk much, and she doesn’t need to with Bandit around to do the talking! =D


I bet there will be shippers among in-comic watchers, too xD


yes i ship bandit and the mystery voice


Have a cookie. That was good.


Seconded. Also, since I can’t seem to comment on the home page, the Whispers are fine, although Bandit saying “Knight Sacrifice” is more confusing than illuminating. Just remember that colors will need to be very easy to tell apart, and, for those that are a little closer to the same, personalities should be very easy to distinguish, so there’s no mistake. Unless, of course, letting the readers think that it’s the other person for a moment is part of the point! (evil grin)

Michael Davison

I think they were destined to end up together the moment Jake figured out who she was and decided to protect her while luring her over to the side of Good.


Well, _I_ think they have a sibling relationship and people automatically going ” “Male character + female character = romantic relationship” are gross 😛


Stepbrother and -sister maybe. Note how he’s referring to Kat’s mom as “her mother”. It would have been far more logical to refer to her as “my mother” if she was his bioligical mom.

But, no, I see no indication that she is in fact his sister.

I think Liliet is referring to the relationship dynamic more than their biology. They have known each other since they were both very young, both learned about programming from her father, and there really hasn’t been any indication of romance between them beyond the Dude referring to her as Bandit’s girlfriend. That said, it’s been a long time since they last saw each other and Bandit has clearly been thinking about her ever since. He’s also basically her only living friend in the world and the one connection to a time when she was actually happy. It’d be very easy… Read more »

Haha I love Bandit when he’s cocky! He has such an irritating smirk; flawless 😀
And the Dude is definitely going to give Bandit grief later about covering up for Kleya…hehehe


Who’s talking in panel 2 and 4?

And is brown the Dude’s box? I forgot the colours ><
Correct me if I'm wrong:
Green is Bandit
Pink is Kat
Blue is Danni


OH Nevermind! I just read the alt-text and realized that black thing from earlier was an attack from another group!
New characters! That’s pretty exciting

PS I forgot to mention I really like panel 3 🙂


I just realized, since Erbana hasn’t been properly played in so long, there is probably a lot of game-breaking exploits that were never patched. And I bet Kat knows them all.


I’d say Kat put them there, but she didn’t like Erbana… Kat’s mom put them there, then XD




There’s someone out there even more obnoxious than Bandit? This should be fun….

Michael Davison

Maybe annoying one-liners raise your Demoli rating. 🙂


They are all playing for the public. Obnoxious personas are entertaining to watch.

(See also: Loki, Tony Stark, etc, etc)


I have to admit, I’m a little lost. What is the source of the little chat rectangles? And what new group is here… and from where? Did I miss a plot device somewhere back there?

I slept last night and haven’t had kawfee yet.

Sierra J

The rectangles with the colored borders are in-game private messages. They’re kind of like /tell or /whisper in MMOs; one person sends them, and only one person sees them. The color of the border indicates from whom they were sent.


Oh wait, I just figured it out. The external bubble chats are from some other group (still have that question), but the rectangle boxes (I just remembered) are whispers from the other teen members, the first from Dude, the second from (probably) Danni, since Kat’s box would be pink.


The green whisper box is from Bandit.

Alexander The 1st

Just to expand on Killianti’s statement – Danni’s is Blue.

It’ll be interesting to find out what Jane’s is.


White, duh


* team members, not teen members. Like I said no kawfee yet…


The dark red has to be the Dude. He’s the only one that says “Dude”. Green is certainly the Bandit.