‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 421

Colors by Jemma and Audrey. Everything else by me.


Yes, Esones can save your life. But it's a pain to go and have to find a new one. Especially since Esones vary in strength/power.


Random Game Info:

You can name your Esones. The default is the numerical order of which you've found them. Hence, Danni's Esone is, at this time, called "First".

I actually had a lot more stuff in panel 1, but I felt it was too busy/confusing, so I cut a lot of it out. So, you don't get to see what Danni chose as her other two specials. They'll show up in action eventually, though!

Thanks to those that were giving Special ideas. Unfortunately, most of them would fit better in the higher percentages. I'll keep some of them in mind for later, though!




LOL! I totally missed Kat’s jump the first time reading the page. I don’t think I’d do well with the overlay thing.


Me too


Me three.


I think I would adjust to it after a while, but it would definitely be hard at first.

Rowen Morland

I saw it, because I was thinking about Kat’s colours but then I got sucked into reading the thing about the esone breaking after one hit and didn’t pick up on what she was doing…

…so yes, I failed like Dani.


Yes, I was like Danni. I mean, in contrast to her, I ALSO had speech bubbles to look at.

I certainly wouldn’t be able to play like this, either. It’s like playing Minecraft and hitting F3 to see your coordinates (among lots of other stuff). Useful at times, but I always turn it off after a while.

I am like that with new games for a while, but when i get used… I always play with F3 on in Minecraft (and that’s with the VIllage Info mod!) and I used to always had the map overlay on in Diablo, when I played that. It seems distracting for a first couple uses, but then one day you forget to turn it off and just see through it like it isn’t there because you are used to it. Danni’s menu doesn’t count as evidence bc it’s obviously specifically a menu and not normal overlay, it covers most of the… Read more »

I think thats the point. She made the panel very busy so most of us would miss Kat doing her thing. I am sure Kat will tell her how to minimize most of it till she is used to it. (For example, I don’t think the full list of Morto skills needs to be out all the time.)

And this is case and point for proper HUDs in games. A bad HUD can break an otherwise decent game.


Wow! I am like Danni. It wasn’t until I read the alt text that I saw that I had indeed missed something happening while looking right at it. That would take some conditioning to ignore the readouts. But these seem to be part of a setup menu, so the usual display should not be so obtrusive.


Hmm, does the percentage mean that you have to be at that percent of that alignment, to use that special, or is it just to get?

Also, what does the whole dump (Hp Dump) mean? From what I can infer, you spend that amount when you use the skill, right?


Well, it said that Dani had an alignment of 30% in morto, so I would assume with it saying 35% unavailable that the percentages are “you must have this percent in the alignment to use.”


I think is the effect of the special on the target.

For instance Kleya’s “Nice” dumps your HP by the same amount the damage of your attack on her did (and also dumps your Happiness is she is “hand raised”).


I take it back, semantic confusion 🙂


Now Kat is even behaving like a cat! =D

I would assume that the esone hit absorption would mean literally saving your life from a killing blow, and not just absorbing any hit and fizzling out.

If 15% minimum is needed for alignment perks, what’s the Morto perk? A weakness pointer? [INFO: Target is allergic to peanuts.] =P


I was just thinking that! When she’ s looking down from the tree like ‘what, what did I do’ she reminds me so much of a cat!

Alexander The 1st

Kleya: “Hey Danni?”

Danni: “What?”

Kleya: “I’m stuck in this tree.”

Okay, that’s unlikely to happen, but, you know, it totally could. :p


I kinda feel for Danni here, I actually have a friend named Dani who has a lot of similar problems in MMOs. I assume 10% and 20% HP Dump temporarily reassign that percentage of your HP into another stat? (Strength or Melee Power would be my guess.) If so, Recklessness I, II, III, and so on might be a better name for that special.

Is Morto Market Ride an intimidate skill? (Gain a discount based on your reputation) That’s kind of awesome.


Has someone an idea what “Morto Market Ride” could do?


I think it summons Dera-chan who fly straight to enemy’s face knocking them down. Short range ;P


I only caught that Kat was in the first couple panels at all on re-read. Neat!


Looks like Kat’s making a move for the rare item. That seems ballsy. I wonder what tactic she’ll use. Could it be the “Ow, I just stubbed my toe on something.” line? Hopefully she’ll stumble over it while “searching for normal plants”.


The whole stumble upon it while looking for plants, no two-ways about it.


So… First time commentator here. I have to ask, is this all based on authors own imagination? You just came up with an idea of a game within a game within an apocalyptic world? And all the little details and rules and stuff, too? Can I have your brain?


I don’t need her brain, I just need a game designer to wander into the comic, do a double take, and design the whole two-level VR game so I can play/watch. >.>




How about you put the stuff you cut out as vote incentive? I’m sure many of us would love to see it no matter how confusing it is.


Can we get a listing for percentage abilities of each classification?

I would love to learn more about them because it sounds awesome.


Just caught up in reading this, It is an awesome story. Thanks for sharing.


No! Bad Kat! No jumping for rare items on top of trees! Bad! Now think about what you’ve done!

Here’s some more special ideas, erbana this time. I’m trying my best to make these unique, because I’m sure that you’ve already got the basic ones in place. Life bond: The erbana player’s hit points and stats become connected with another player. Then the erbana player has the opportunity to “lend” their stats or hitpoints to that other player. However, if one of them takes a status effect, there is a 50% chance every turn that the other will take the same status effect. If one dies, they both die. Ivory tower: A White spiraling tree grows from the ground,… Read more »

Congratulations, I think you just broke my brain.


Is that real? Like are you certain these are the erbana abilities we’ll get to see in future comics? Or did you make them up? Either way they’re cool


I’m fairly certain that they’re “this would be cool for a special” kinds of things.


‘Finding’ a rare item via demonstrating a concept to a new player. Clever.


she’s not very patient is she.