maybe were all underselling danni here, she might be fast enough to kick jane in the head and run


Well, gravity is lower here. I would be surprised if she can’t jump out of the way.

The Aussie Bloke

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Sorry, had to do it when i saw the number of this comic.


Yep this is definitely where D gets involved whether or not Kat wants him to.




Is Danny getting attacked during her loadingscreen or is it just, that Kleya didn´t switch back to normal sight yet?


What if Kat doesn’t get to them in time, but Jane misses Danni on purpose?

I don’t get it. I mean: Is Bloody Mary able to instant-kill Danni or not? If she can, then why would they be placed beside each other if Sandra’s intention was to raise Danni’s popularity by having her do some actual fighting? And if she can’t do an instant-kill, then why is Kat bothered at all? She would have all the seconds she needed to intervene. Since she is bothered I believe the former to be true. I just don’t see the point of that. Well, ok, BM wants to “take care” of Kat’s friends, so there are some hidden… Read more »
I think that Jane, Sandra, and Kat expect that Danni will die quickly. Sandra doesn’t care about Danni’s popularity. She cares about the team’s popularity. With Danni having the lowest popularity, killing her off will raise their popularity. And if Danni does survive the fight (however improbably that may be), the fight between team members should also increase their popularity. So the fight is a win-win for Sandra: either Danni is dead (and her low popularity is gone) or Danni survived (and the fight increased the teams popularity). Kat doesn’t think that Danni has the ability to withstand Jane. Danni… Read more »

But why instant-kill Danni instead of having an interesting battle?
Hidden agendas aside, I can only imagine Sandra doesn’t want a battle, she just wants Danni gone and knows Kat can save her if the fight takes longer than a second.

Though that’s not exactly the best way to gain Kat’s trust, which is her and Jane’s goal.


But how would Sandra convince Danni to have an “interesting battle” with Jane? I don’t think anyone would agree to that. So the only way to force the battle is to make it an instant-kill. Don’t give Danni any chance to run away.


Well, she did agree on doing a staged battle, so she has been convinced already. Only Kat told her to run away instead.


Danni has been convinced already a few pages ago, saying that she can do a staged fight.

It’s not just a win-win….it’s a test. Jane and Sandra have talked to each other about Kat before, including about getting her (as a programmer) rather than TENka. There may even be some more agendas involved. But Sandra will definitely know that Kat will stand up for Danni. It’s been seen before, and D’s intervention the last time Kat got upset may have tipped off Sandra that something’s up. So…..rather than go for a sensible way to up popularity, go for a direct threat to Kat’s friend. And a really blatant one, so that it gets her worked up beforehand.… Read more »

actually, hacking to help someone else might actually break her “expected pattern”. they’re looking with someone conditioned since they could work to win no matter what, not someone willing to risk their life for someone else


walk, not work >.<


I think there is a bit more to your sentence that needs correction and that your actual correction made it worse. 😉 Did you mean something like the sentence below?

“They’re looking for someone who is conditioned to [go for/work towards] a win no matter what,…”


No, his edit fixes it. “They’re looking [for] someone conditioned [ever] since they could walk to win no matter what, not someone willing to risk their life for someone else.”


Ah, so that’s what it means. I also thought his “since” meant “because”. So complicated.

But if that’s the meaning, I don’t get it. Ever since they could walk they were looking for her, aka the “condition to win” person? How can that be when most of them are older than her.

Jarod Leutri

No, they are looking for someone who was conditioned to win since they (Kat) could walk. Not they have been looking for someone conditioned to win since they (the people looking) could walk.


Oh, so it’s the singular “they”, not the plural one. Man, sometimes English is really hard. Thanks for the explanations.


Actually, the “singular ‘they'” is improper grammar. It should be he/she (in this case she).


It seems like she herself is being repositioned in a favourable position in the last panel.
Everything is going to be just peachy!


I think that any hacking, no matter who it helps, would get her in a lot of trouble. Yes, it might not be what is expected of her, but it is still hacking and hackers are still somewhat seen as boggymen by most people.

Given everyone in LiFe is already in a VR environment, so “uploading” into The Game is just moving their data from one server to another, the entire process probably only takes a couple of seconds. Given the conversation Kleya’s just had with herself, she may be thinking faster than a normal person would under such circumstances. Therefore, it’s entirely possible that when they emerge into The Game environment, it’ll take a second or two to process they’ve changed positions relative to each other. Kleya could potentially use that to her advantage to launch into a run and tackle Jane or… Read more »

I feel like she’s going to put sacrifice/put herself between Danni and Jane. 0.0

Excited for the next page. Your comic’s one of my favourite. I may or may not check in every day even though I know the posting schedule. 😀


Am I the only person seeing a pixel drawing in the eye? It kinda looks like … I dunno, a dancing person?


Hm, now that you mention it… but all I can see is a jellyfish.


And so it will forever remain a mystery. Or won’t it? :p


Unfortunately or her, D will respond to her subconscious as well


Your actual 404 page should just land here… or would that be too subtle if someone was genuinely confused why a bad link wasn’t working?